What He Did

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

It all started when I was four years old. My mom met him at work, she lost her ring and he helped her look for it. They had been dating for a few weeks when I had met him. I met him at Urgent Care when I had broken my foot. At first he seemed really nice, but then as I started getting older he started getting meaner. When I turned six he started hitting and threatening me. When I tried to tell my mom she didn’t believe me. When I went to school my teachers would ask me why I had bruises on my arm. I had to lie and tell them that I fell or I hit my arm on a door or something that sounded realistic. I knew that if I told them the truth then they would call him and then when I got home he’d start hit me. One time he got a job offer in Alabama, but I didn’t want to move there so I threw a huge fit crying and begging not to go and it worked. The next year when I was nine he got the same job offer again he worked for Mercedes Benz, so they said that if he accepted the job then they’d pay him double what he made now. So of course he accepted it without asking me or my mom and we had to move. When we lived in Alabama for about a year in a half and then Jeff {my mom’s boyfriend} proposed to my mom and she said yes they were together for five in a half years before he proposed. So then about two months later they went to Jamaica and got married. Then he became my step dad, and he started taking more control over me and my mom. They started arguing a lot and he would hit her. Then one day I fell in the road and skinned my knee really bad so my mom was cleaning it, and he came up behind her and started talking to her, but she put her finger up and told him to hold on a second and her finger was in his face but she didn’t know that and he grabbed her hand and jerked her so hard. He was yelling at her and jerking her around, I was crying, she was cursing, he was hitting, it was horrible. Then my mom told me to go get in the car, and when I left they had a talk that was about thirty minutes long. When they finally got done talking she came out of the house and got in the car and slammed the door. We went and stayed at my best friend’s house for a few weeks, until my mom found us an apartment. A few weeks later she found a really nice apartment two bedroom/bathroom, big living room, big bedrooms, and big walk in closets, it was just beautiful. So we moved out of Morgan’s {my best friend} house and moved into the apartment. Somehow Jeff got our address, so he paid us a little visit. He begged for me and my mom to move back into the house, but my mom said no every time. He came every single day until my mom decided to say yes so we moved back in. It was good for a few weeks there was no fighting, cursing, or getting hurt. Then after about a few months he started getting worse. When he had parties he would make my mom do everything. Like get them drinks, serve the food, and if they were playing poker he would make her go buy the cards at like last minute. If they brought their kids then he would make me take them down stairs and watch them all night. Sometimes it was fun, but other times it wasn’t, because the little kids would run around and break stuff, and I would be the one to blame. When the party was over {which was like three in the morning} me and my mom would have to clean up the mess while he slept. We would be so tired in the morning. I would try to sleep, but he would have his music up so loud that it was nearly impossible. He never gave me or my mom any respect. One time they got in another huge fight so they were talking about getting a divorce, I was so excited. So me and my mom moved out again and went to go live with my best friend Morgan {again}. Then my mom found another apartment and we stayed there for three years. My mom and Jeff ended up getting that divorce {thank God} and we are now living in peace. My mom and I discussed moving back to Kentucky, the first few times we didn’t move back, but a few weeks ago we decided to move back. So here we are back home its’ been a long journey but we made it. I thank God that he didn’t kill us. A few months ago he texted my mom and told her that he was getting married again and all I told my mom was that I feel bad for her because she was going to experience something that she wouldn’t want to.

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