Last Day of School

May 12, 2009
By Emma Huang BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
Emma Huang BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
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It was a sunny day, march,13th of 2009, when it was the last day of school for (lets call her Emma) Emma. In the morning, she got up, suddenly realizing that it was her last day, in her beloved school. Emma didn't want to wake that day, for she were to leave the town she had lived in since 2003! She got dressed, walked to the bus stop, everything seemed dull, no one was interesting...

There were so many people who she had a connection with! Hmm... she thought, there's Colton and Katie, they have made the most impact on my life, getting me into trouble and then out again; there was Adrian, Anna, and Taylor.M, how she enjoyed hanging out with them; and her piano teacher, Maria, whom had taught her for nearly 3 years, always so kind and always smiled; the children Emma cared for at school, how they swarmed around her and said hello everyday. Oh! There was mrs. Jackson, Emma's grade 7 teacher, Mrs. Jackson always helped Emma when there was a problem, she was so kind... It was almost impossible for Emma to leave all that! Slowly, the bus dragged to school....Finally, at school! Everyone ran up to her, wishing her a happy last day, but how could that happen, if her crush Colton, still hated her? Oh right, she remembered, we had a truce 2 weeks ago, we should be fine now...ooh here he comes. Colton walked towards her, and said:" hey, its your last day huh? well wish u a happy last day of school.." and walked away. Emma felt great now! Colton had finally said something! With bubbling excitement, she ran to where her friends were in the little cubicle under the roof.

"hey Emma! Wow its your last day of school, i cant believe it! hope this is a good one!", said Adrian, as did the others. Emma's eyes began to water. She still couldn't believe she was leaving all of her friends behind, i mean still! She had known them since grade 3...

DING LING LING LING LING LING! The recess bell rang. Emma and her friends hurried inside. Throughout the day, Emma felt really sad but happy aswell because this was the best day in history for her! But when her mind wandered loosely to her new school and house, her face dropped."Whats wrong Emma?", Katie asked, with a worried expression on her face."Is it you worrying about your new school again? Dont worry you will make lots of new friends!Trust me!" Aha, Emma thought, its always Katie who knew me best!

Sadly, the end of the day soon came. 50 minutes before everyone goes off for march break and Emma will go on a forever journey to a brand new city knowing no one but a grade 1 kid. Big, fat, tears began to roll down her face, Mrs. Jackson, her teacher saw this and quickly thought of an idea to cheer her up."Everyone, to celebrate March Break, im going to play the documentaries we made!" "whoo hoo!" Everyone cheered. The documentaries were short movies they made either by themselves or in groups. They worked hard on them, since December! hearing this news, Emma brightened up a little, no one had ever seen her documentary before! And she had did it all by her self, with a teeny bit help from Adrian. Keith helped Mrs. Jackson set up the elmo(projector's nickname), and one by one, the movies began rolling. All of them were so funny! Especially the Katie, Taylor.M one! Soon, Emma's documentary came on.

*hahahaha* Everyone laughed at the extremely funny scenes. Emma felt both proud and happy!By now, it was 3:10, 25 minutes left. Emma couldn't keep it all in, she started to cry silently, tears rolling down her face, making blotchy, red, marks. She asked to be excused and went into the bathroom, crying alone. After 5 minutes, she came out, for her tears were long gone and dried out. She tidied her face up, and went back to class.

Just entering the door, she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned to see who it was. It was Mrs. Jackson, telling her that she is going to make a giant card and then glue a class picture onto it and then have everyone sign the card. Emma brightened once more at this, for she had never gotten this year's class picture because she was away. She waited silently. After 10 minutes, the movies were done as were the giant card. "Attention guys! Today is Emma's last day and i made a card so everyone could sign it for Emma! Make sure you all sign it! Thank you!" Hearing this, Emma cowered and slid down in her seat. At this time, Some of Emma's classmates came over, 95%girls. They hugged her and said *its ok* many times. Then they went to sign the card. 5% of the classmates, the boys, hugged her too, although Emma was terrified at the moment.

The rest of the guys, about 11 boys, were sitting on their desks and playing poker and the guitar. Emma wondered why they didn't move. At this time, she went over to Colton and Pejvak and said:" well i guess you are happy now arent you? im going to be gone"."omg Emma you just have to ruin it,we're not thinking that!" Ashamed of herself, she retreated silently."Guys come on its Emma's last day, stop arguing!", Demetre defended for Emma. "What? we weren't doing anyhing! She just came up to us!" Colton and pejvak said.

At this time, Taylor.M came around with her apple labtop, it was so cool, and when you looked at the screen your picture and every movement was recorded down in a video. Unfortunately, Mrs. Jackson said there was no camera or camcorder allowed in the school building. Taylor deleted the video unwillingly, Emma was a bit disappointed because she was hoping taylor could get a video of Colton and sending it to her later by email. Oh well, what a waste! Thought Emma.

Finally nearly everyone signed the card. Emma wanted to take a look but taylor. B and Keith blocked her way, telling her they were going to write a short poem for her. By now it was 3:30, 5 more minutes! Emma went to tidy up her desk and her backpack, boy! She was going to have to carry alot of stuff!

Anna helped Emma gather her things and take what she needed from her desk. Ding LING LING! The dismissal bell rang. Everyone scrambled up and said goodbye to Emma and ran out of the door. The only people that were left were Katie, Anna, Colton, Emma, and Pejvak. At this time, Anna was about to leave. She hugged Emma before she went, Emma suddenly thought, oh no! I can't sign to anyone using sign language anymore! how awful! And it truly was...

Pejvak greeted Emma at her locker, he told her;"Come on Emma, hug? Now or ever!" Emma cringed at the thought of hugging another guy but as it maybe her last time to see him she hugged him.

Demetre suddenly appeared in front of Emma. He had his backpack in one hand and Colton's arm in another. I knew exactly what he wanted to do: Make Colton hug me...Ewwwwww that is gross! Emma thought. So she said:"oh no way!get,get away from me!" But Demetre wouldn't listen, he pushed Colton to Emma and said rather loudly:"Go on Colton! Give her the time of her life! Come on! Don't be shy!" Emma could tell Colton was taking it as a joke and he laughed:"haha but i don't think she would like that. Anyways i gotta get on my bus. i'll talk to ya later online Emma! Bye!" Emma blinked tears as she said goodbye to him.

The time has come, it was time to go home. Katie walked her to her bus, but Emma walked Katie instead, because she wanted to see her other friends on the other buses she walked past. "Bye Katie! I'll call you after school and later as well!" Emma yelled. Then, she turned back and started walking towards her bus.

When Emma got on her bus and sat down in her seat, kids around her began to question why she was crying, then they remembered that it was her last day. Everyone signed her giant card. At the first stop, her stop, the bus driver told everyone to say:"goodbye Emma! We will miss you!" on the count of three. This made Emma cry even harder. It was like everything was a dream that day. wasn't.

Emma got off the bus. She waved goodbye to everyone on the bus, picked up her things, and began the long, dreadful walk towards home, no, not her home, her former home.....

The author's comments:
This is my story, my last day of school in a school of about 6 years.

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Chippy635 said...
on May. 27 2009 at 12:02 pm
Hope u love it! There will be more to come about my new school!!

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