The Worst Birthday Present

April 25, 2009
By runtechguy BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
runtechguy BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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Date: July11, 2008 – Mom’s birthday. My plan: go to Muddy Waters coffee shop, and get her an iced vanilla latte. My transportation: my mom's bicycle because mine was broken. My destination: mom's workplace. Predicted time of arrival: 30 minutes before my mom.
My plan did not go well at all. I picked up the coffee and was going north on the road to my mom's workplace. I went over a set of railroad tracks and a drain cover and fell off the side of my bike with my bike on top of me and part of me on top of my bike. I fell partly onto the lane of traffic with the coffee in my hand. Thankfully, there were not any cars going by at the time.
I had gouged out my left knee and a bad scrape on my right elbow. I also had a little scrape on my right hip and left hand.
Now I am positive that you are asking the question, “What happened to the coffee?” The answer is I saved it! I fell off my bike, but saved the coffee. So, I got up and waved for help because I knew that I would not be able to get home safely. But no one stopped for a while; even though I was bleeding everywhere. Shortly after though, a lady stopped who ended up being the librarian at the public high school. She was able to help me sit down, but not before I threw up because of shock. She went through all of the first aid questions and allowed me to call my mom to come pick me up. I think she was able to help me so skillfully because she probably had to take a first aid course for being staff at a school.
After I got home, my mom consulted my dad who was mowing the field. They decided that I should go to the doctor’s office to have my injuries checked out. My mom took me to the doctor’s office, but I could not even make it to the door. So my sister, who had been with us the whole time, had to grab a wheel chair from the doctor's office so that I could move around. The doctor
took some x-rays to check and see if I had broken my kneecap in the fall, but thankfully I did not.
Then, they had to clean my wounds up. This meant that they had to give a numbing shot in the knee. I think that numbing shots are the worst of all shots because they feel like 10 wasps are stinging you in one place. They had to give me three of those shots just in the knee.

After I got home, I had to use a cane

just to get around the house. I was supposed to take over mowing for my dad after I got home from bringing the coffee, but I could not because of my injuries.
This was the worst possible birthday present for two reasons. First, she had to spend the morning of her birthday in the doctor's office. And second, she can get light-headed at the sight of blood, and there was plenty of blood. But, she received and drank her coffee after we were done with the doctor’s office.

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