My First Scare

April 24, 2009
By Haley McGrath BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Haley McGrath BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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I felt my hands shaking and my body jumping. What was a corn field like? Were they scary? My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“I can’t wait, it will be fun. I went to one before, with some of my other friends. Are they coming in,” Natasha whispered while pointing at my dad and my step mom, Courtney.

“I don’t know who cares. I am actually kind of scared. I have never been in one before,” I answered

“Are you serious, not even a haunted house?”

“Yeah, not even a haunted house. I don’t know why”

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the corn maze. We jumped out of the car and all we could hear was screaming. That’s when we were told that my brother, Natasha, and I were going in all by ourselves. We got in line and my dad handed me the money and Courtney’s cell phone. We stood in line talking about how much fun this is going to be.

Five minutes later, we were in the front of the line.

Chandler whispered, “Dude, it says ‘help me’ on the door.” The three of us looked at the door and he wasn’t lying. The door said ‘help me’ in red paint, with the red paint dripping down like blood.

“I bet you ten bucks I will pee my pants,” Natasha bet.

The security guard point to the door, “Next,” We walked to the door slowly, with chained arms, and went in. When we walked in, there was a guy with blood all over him and ripped up clothes. He looked like a zombie. We screamed and ran as fast as we could around him without getting touched.

“There is one right there I think,” Natasha told Chandler and I. She was wrong, and another one came out behind us. Chandler told the creepy guy to chase us, which Natasha and I figured he said.

Five minutes later of guessing where someone was and running and screaming from them when they came out, we ran into three adults. There was a woman and two men. The two men had ran ahead to scare the girl, but they ended up scaring us.

“Let’s follow them,” We all nodded in agreement.

“You three can go ahead, I have to look for my friends,” She repeated five times until we left her side. We ran off and a door was in our path.

“What do we do now,” Chandler said in confusion,” go around or through?”

“I guess,” Natasha confessed,” You can open it though.”

“How about not,” Chandler and I shouted. One of the guys from the group showed up from behind us and opened the door for us. Then, one of the scary zombies popped out. We all ran for it. Running as fast as we could we heard engines running, and we turned around the corner. As we turned half way through the corner I felt light flashing in my eyes, and I couldn’t see a thing. I fell right in front of the popping out light. I screamed, trying to get up and then my brother fell on top of me. Natasha just kept on going. My brother and I got up, and heard a scream around the corner.

“I think, we’re lost,” I whispered.

“Me too,” said a voice of a young boy.

“Oh my god,” Natasha screamed. My brother fell and Natasha and I just kept on going. A lot of guys in scary costumes jumped out at us. They ended up following us, and I got scared, but then Natasha said something that made me more comfortable with them following us.

“Hey, what’s up,” Natasha asked them. I didn’t know how that helped though. We saw a tall figure and we were questioning it. We walked slower and slower towards it debating if it were real or not.

“They are not real. Just go,” Chandler announced.

“Well I don’t know because that one has shoes on, and they look real,” I debated,

“Oh yeah,” Natasha budged in after staring at the tall creepy figures. We started looking closely at its face to see if it was real. Then, all of a sudden it popped down and started chasing us. I don’t know if Natasha and Chandler felt safe with those other guys following us, but I did.

We kept on running and screaming for about two minutes until another one popped out in front of us and now there was one in front of us and behind us. I went to turn around and then go forward again, but they took up the whole trail. Finally, we had gotten through them. When we thought we were good or a while a wolf came and started chasing Natasha and I and I screamed trying to get away

Once we got to the end of the maze we thought we were done, but we weren’t, there was still a haunted barn in front of us.

“You go in first,” Natasha whispered.

“No you go in first,” Chandler and I screamed at her at the same time.

Five minutes later after debating about whom should go first, we all ran in together. It was very dark, so we had to feel the walls, but since I couldn’t see the walls I was scared to touch them. I decided to grab Natasha shirt since she was ahead, but I ended up grabbing a guy in a costume. I screamed and ran up to Natasha. We came into room with three bodies. When we walked past the first, it popped up with no head. We all laughed.

“Was that suppose to scare us,” Chandler laughed. We walked into the next room. There was only a toilet. It over flowed and there was fake poop all over the inside and outside of the toilet. We looked up from the toilet and saw light. We quickly ran to the light and started laughing as hard as we could. We came outside of the haunted barn and waited for my parents to arrive. While waiting or my parents we ran into the guys that were following us in the maze after scaring us.

“Where did you guys go,” We questioned.

“The bathroom,” the guy in the scary ogre mask responded.

“Oh my gosh,” I whispered behind the scary guys backs to Natasha, “I think we scared them.”

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