May 2, 2009
By Jennifer Rattray BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Jennifer Rattray BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Sometimes I hate not having a car; I mean come on, I'm seventeen! I should have a car or at least my drivers license. Yet it is not to be so I'm therefore stuck at school: no car, sitting on the wet ground as the cold slowly numbs my cheeks. One could try to pass it off as serene, but the sounds of cars stalling and the smells of harsh exhaust fumes, form people who have cars, stupid. With dismay I turned around to look at my jean clad pants: the ground was still a bit soggy from the day's rain and it was slowly creeping through making my predicament worse. An empty stomach due to my refusal to eat the school food, frozen fingers and a soggy bum were my symptoms. At least no one was here to see me waiting.

The looming threat of homework made me want to take it out, but my almost numb fingers wouldn't allow me to do so. Even though an eerie silence now surrounded me, it was welcoming. I had been teased all day. Someone had found out my crush’s name and from then on the teasing never stopped. I doubt it ever will stop: him and me?

I was staring of into space hiding my cheeks from the cold when a guy walked over, or should I say The Guy? He was my current crush. I tried to hide my face further into my hands as he came closer with his backpack slung over his shoulder and a baseball cap on his head covering his messy hair. "Hey," He grumbled in his low baritone voice. And yes, I do know what baritone is. "So..." He continued as my cheeks felt like they were on fire. "I take it you heard," I mumbled trying to get the storm in my chest to calm down. "Yeah, something about someone telling a teacher who told her daughter who told her friend who told her boyfriend's brother...and yeah." He said as I felt myself giggle. I just couldn't help it no matter how cheesy and lame it was. he was always good for making me laugh for the stupidest reasons. I just couldn't help it!

"Do you hate me?" I asked. I had always been direct and even though I was my cheeks were on fire and my heart was pounding in embarrassment I couldn’t stop now. "No," He said simply, shrugging and sitting down next to me. "Why would I? I hardly know you." He added, looking at me. I felt my heart speed up and face flush even more. I no longer felt so cold. "So...what is your favorite color?" He asked. It made me smile; he was as much as a softy and cheesy guy as I had heard. "Red." I said, taking my hands of my still red face. "Yes, it suits you." He said grinning pointing to my face that turned even redder. "Yes. Yes it does thank you very much!" I exclaimed like an idiot and a grin on my face as my arms loosened from around my legs. He was cheesy, the talk was cheesy. it was unrealistic, but so what, you gatta take what your given. And you know what? Having a car isn't as bad as I thought.

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