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November 18, 2008
By Anonymous

“Unlock this door right now!” my mother yells at me.

“No!” I scream crying in rage. My Dad comes to the door to assist; which enrages me because he is the reason this is all happening.

“Missy, come out of your room now!” My dad screams in an angry voice. I hastily try to break out the screen in my window. It doesn't work.
My room wasn’t very big at all and didn’t have many hiding places. So there was no way of getting out of this one. I was currently drawing a mural on the wall that would match my art project from a couple years ago. It was just the drawing part so my wall was still this sky blue. I was laying on my bed, that had this blue stripped comforter and blue pillows (I was getting my room redone in a couple of years.) There was a desk and TV stand in two of the corners in the room. I had a silver TV on the black TV stand. And I had my laptop on the black and chrome desk.
I yell in a very angry voice, “Go away, this is all your fault. You both promised.”

I could tell my parents were confused so in an uneasy voice they both disclaimed, “What did we promise you.”

I got sadder and madder at the same time and I yelped in a very confused voice, “That you would never get a divorce!”

Now I can admit that I was a very strong girl and knew that my parents were going to break it off at some point in time but boy did I take it hard, I don't think I have ever cried that much in my life combined.

My Dad is a pro golfer. He had blonde hair because he dies it and always wore polo shirts. He would stretch out the shirts to hide everything under them (Hahahahaha). He had just got a job that he could stay in one place with so after the 3rd nine weeks at my other school I moved out to live with him for a while until my mom came. The house that I came from was my grandmothers and we were trying to sell it and get the rest of our stuff out of it. The month that I was with my Dad was very awkward because I didn't know him. So I was at the club house a lot. That is were I met my future stepmother but I didn't know that yet so we soon became friends. I would go golfing with her give her tips on how to golf right. (Now imagine this, an 11 year old teaching a 22 year old how to play golf.) Alex was very sporty, she had curly hair with highlights and was about 5’ 5”. Could golf very well and her parents I won’t say anything. (You know what they always say; if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.) You couldn't separate us; we would golf, go bowling, and even go shopping together. This is where all the drama started. What would happen is I would get home later than I told my mom and she would yell at me and then my parents would get in a fight. My parent’s fights were never good, it would end up with my mom going out for a drive and me going to my room and crying. My dad on the other hand would go up to the club house and I wouldn't see him for the rest of the night. Now I couldn't figure this out; the only person that was up there was my best friend Alex (the 22 year old that I was just talking about) so I didn't think too much of it.

Everything was okay for just a little while.

So finally I started at my new school. Not fun I made some friends but because it was such a small school I had to hang out with the people in my homeroom all the time. Nothing much happened in the school at least anything important.
After school was over, I got a job up at the clubhouse with Alex. The clubhouse was small and had to be redone. That was on the agenda but over all it got us through and the golfers didn’t mind. Basically my job was talking with the golfers; cooking for all of them and so on (It always made you feel good when the golfers all asked you to cook them the hamburger.)
Then came the day that I put my hand through the window. That was bad in two ways, one I have a huge scar on my left wrist and two one of the reasons my parents got a divorce. When I did it, I cried and called my mom as soon as I got in the house. Of course I had to do it on a day when both of my parents were two hours away and the only person I had was Alex. My mom ended up calling her. She came down and doctored me up so I was good for a while but I was flipping out because I thought the cut was infected. The only reason I thought this was because Alex was going out with a guy that knew about stuff like cuts because of what he does for a living. She had called him and asked him what she should be looking for. He said that if there is white in it I needed stitches and fast because it was probably going to get in infected. I also thought I was going to loose my hand. (Don’t know who put that thought in my head.) So my dad gets home and takes me to the emergency room because I had a dance recital and my mom needed me in it. We get there and my dads all mad because he thinks I don't need to get stitches. But I kept telling him to look at my wrist but of course he didn’t because he didn’t want to be proved wrong. If he would have just looked at my wrist he would have seen the dried up blood and puss coming out of it. Of course he doesn't have any information like my social security number or the insurance so we have to wait until my mom gets there. After my mom got there my dad just gets up and leaves and my mom and I are stuck there until around 12:00 on a day that I have to get up really early and work an outing. I still haven't eaten dinner or taken a shower yet. But while I’m in the emergency room getting my stitches, the doctor opens up the cut more. How do you think tat made me felt instead of getting two stitches I had to get three. Then of course my parents got in a fight over it. My Dad said that I didn’t need the stitches but my mom said I did and my mom ended up sleeping in my room with me. At that time I was 11 it was in the summer and school was over. When this was over all I did was golf because I never wanted to go home. Guess why, it was my mother. My mom was very pretty; she has this pin straight blackish-brown hair. She was always in a bad mood and nobody wanted to be around her, including my father. The summer was actually not very eventful my parents stayed away from each other so everything was okay.

Then the day came when I went to my aunt’s who lives in Virginia. My mom and I were getting ready to leave when my mom called my dad and told him that we were leaving in 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, my dad wasn’t there and guess where he was. With Alex golfing on hole 9 which was right by my house. Alex and my Dad were holding each other but I didn’t notice until my mom told me after the divorce. My mom pulled out of the driveway and yelled out the window at my dad. When we were about 15 minutes away my mom was yelling at my dad on the phone and I yelled at my mom. Then I got mixed in to the fight. This is how it went “Mom, stop yelling at dad he didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Oh really so him not coming to say goodbye wasn’t bad.” She screamed at me.

“No because he was just practicing so that he can provide for his family,” I blasted.

“Well just so you know he’s never provided for us,” My mom boasted.

“Okay and what’s your point, he’s trying to provide for us now!” I continued.
After that my mom called my dad and yelled at him some more. Then when we got to my aunts; my mom slept over and apologized for yelling at me. My aunts house is more of a townhouse because she lives in Virginia and works for the government. My aunts somewhat short, she is 5’ 2” and the only reason I eel bad for her is because she is too short to do what shes wanted to do since she was little, be a fighter pilot. She has shoulder length brown hair, that has a gold tint to it. When I was at her house we went and took pictures at great falls because you know me and her have to be the two that are good photographers. When I got back from my aunts everything got worse.

Finally after the July 4th party, it happened. My parents decided to tell me they were getting a divorce. I cried for days going into my room never wanting to come out. Never wanting to go on with my life. Felt like never needing to go on with it. Finally, after the third day I came out of my room and showed up for work (I was working in the clubhouse again that summer.) Everyone was happy to see me but I wasn’t out for long. My dad and my 22 year old best friend were dating and they showed it right to my face by a simple touch on the hand while she was walking by and l the look on her face before and after she saw what mine looked like. After that I ran out of the clubhouse crying. My dad just stood there all surprised like he thought I was going to be ok with it. What made me even madder was that he didn’t even try to come after me. Again with the going in your room and crying but I came out quicker because I was getting paid for the outing and I needed the money. Later that day I was talking to Alex who wasn’t okay with what had done earlier and she was very concerned on how I was taking it. I had told her that I was very sorry that I did that I was just really surprised and took it hard but that I would be okay with it in a little while if she could just give me some time. A little later my dad walks up to me and says “Please don’t tell your mom I don’t want her to have anymore heartbreak.”
I just stood there and said okay. I thought to myself There my Dad goes with that ego again. But later that night Dad wasn’t home yet and it was like 10:00pm and no one knew where he was and I had the thought of oh my god he is out with Alex and my parents aren’t even divorced yet. I started crying trying to hold it back so that my mom didn’t notice. But my mom being who she is noticed. She asked me, “What’s wrong.”
“Nothing.” I replied after I wiped off my tears.
“I know you, you aren’t crying for no reason.”
“Your right,” I uneasily replied.
“Then why are you crying.”
“I know where Dad is. But I’m not supposed to tell you.”
“You know you can tell me anything.”
“He’s out with Alex.”
When my mom found out, she flipped. She started pacing around the house calling my father and talking about him. When my father got home; he had the nerve to lie about telling me not to tell my mom about him and Alex. After she herd that my mom yelled at him like never before. Which this time I think he deserved it because he had told me not to tell my mom which isn’t fair at all. But at this time I was mad at my mom too because my parents decided that I was going to live with my dad. Not cool at all. I didn’t want to go with my dad because I didn’t know him and it was awkward. Why would you make someone live with someone else that they didn’t know. After they told me, my mom decided to go out to aunt shani’s and hang with her for a while. Guess what happened to me in that time? My dad thought it would be a good idea to leave me with my grandma for a whole week which wasn’t good because we butted heads the whole time. We butted heads because I kept talking about my Dad and we both had different opinions on what was going on between my parents. My Grandma had blonde hair like my Dad and she is really beautiful. I was mad at both of my parents now. I was mad at my mom because I thought she had left me and wasn’t going to come back. And I was mad at my dad because my mom left so that we could bond and he drops me off with my grandmother for a week. I was surprised she ever wanted to see me again; I said some really mean things to her during that week.

When my mom got back, the fighting got worse because my dad left me with my grandmother. My mom ended up sleeping in my grandma’s room. My grandma’s room was a lot like mine except for the color was different. Her room was tan instead of blue. The day after she came back I started working again. I worked for about three weeks. Then, my mom’s friend was going on vacation and needed someone to watch her dog. We were going to watch a dog named Kurby he is a great golden retriever and crazy but fun. My mom and I watched the dog for her. When I finally came time to go home, I told my mom that I didn’t want to leave her and so she made the decision that I was going with her instead. The day I found out I cried because at that time I wanted to be with my dad and still loved him more than my mom. But about a week after, I wanted to stay with my mom more than anything because my dad hadn’t called me to ask me how I was doing like my mom always did. So I got mad at him. I didn’t talk to my dad until the divorce was over. During that time period I moved from my dads, to my grandfathers, to my new house or should I say duplex. I didn’t talk to Dad for a while. The day the divorce was over, this is what happened, my mom came home from work and picked me up from my grandpas. Then, we get back to my house and my Dad calls me. I flip out, I ran out of the room and into the bathroom. I locked myself in my bathroom. My bathroom isn’t very big so there is nowhere to hide. My mom came down stairs talking to my Dad. My Dad was yelling at my mom to get me out of there and she was saying, “What am I supposed to do, Paul she locked herself in the bathroom just call her later okay I don’t want this to end up in another fight in front of our daughter.”
After she hung up the phone I came out of the bathroom and asked, “Did I screw up?”
My mom responded in an uneasy voice “I don’t know, did you?”
I started crying and exclaimed “Yes I did, didn’t I.”

My mom turned completely red in the face answered “I don’t know if you did in his mind but I don’t think you did and if he mentions it say you thought I was talking about Uncle Bobby.”

I chuckled and started to cry at the same time because I knew he was going to call me later. So, that meant I had to actually talk to my Dad on the phone for once in my life. Like I said before I don’t know my Dad so talking to him is really hard. And it’s even harder because you have a fear of grown men. Because when you where six your uncle stepped on your sand castle. I end up talking to him and find out that he’s going to see me for two hours then he’s going to bring me home and that will be it. That was the most boring Saturday ever. I guess a plus to that Saturday is that I got to see my pretty puppies. Montie, who is the baby of the two, hes my dog and I plan on having him when I can drive. And Blackie, I’m his girl he would do anything to protect me. I ended up sitting with my dogs the whole and didn’t talk to anyone and found that the house smelled like cats. What ended up happening was we got in a fight and I didn’t call him for a very long time.

After that I started at Jackson and the first year was really hard but when I started seventh grade it was a lot better. I found a lot of friends, got closer to my best friend and over all a life without Dad is much better. No fighting yelling or anything like that at least between my Mom and my Dad. I am enjoying school for once in my life. And I’m not depressing to other people anymore. The only reason I know this is because I have way more friends this year then I did last year. So even though I lost a Dad; I gained many other things.

The author's comments:
I accually wrote this as a memoir for my language arts class. What ended up happening is that some of my family read it and said should submitt it so I did.

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