Haunted House

November 14, 2008
By Selena Almanza, Delta, UT

On Halloween night me and my friends decided to go to a haunted house. I was with Gema, Colleen, Jacey, Kassandra, Hector, Mike, Jose, and Allen. So we went to the door we were all scared to open it so we just made Jacey open the door I was in the middle with Colleen and Hector. Cause I get really scared. We heard that it was scary before we went in.

We went up the stairs and they said you could wait outside the room or go in the waiting room. So we went to the waiting room and there was this head cut off. And they had chainsaws and would walk close to you. We scrame and left the room. Finally they had said that you can go in the real thing. We were all like “oh my gosh” cause the waiting room had been scary.

So we went in the second room… It was really dark, that white smoke stuff so you can’t see, and there was a guy right when you turned the corner in the room was a person lying on this counter thing saying “Help Me”, and there was like knifes and scissors by him. I was scared but I knew it was fake.

So we all ran to the next room. There was blinking lights so you couldn’t see, and the white smoke. So we were walking along and there was people’s hands trying to grab your feet!! I scrame and Gema just told me to step on there hands and it was funny cause all you could here was “OOWW!” You couldn’t see there faces so you couldn’t tell who it was. But we were like oh well.

So we were walking to the next room while… there were people just walking around and screaming into your face it was annoying. We were walking up these stairs and scary looking people just started walking up the stairs and saying that they were going to kill us. Well I was in the very back scared to death and so I pushed everyone in front of me and said “run!” So they started running and that’s when we got the fourth room.

We went to the room and there were three people with chainsaws. And I was like not again cause even though they don’t have the chains it still freaks me out by the noise. And they had like hockey masks. And it just reminded me of movies. That I have seen before. They all had left me and ran threw all of them but it was just me and Jacey, she is a girl that gets scared really bad. I was like great but, I pushed her into them and ran through them. HAHA. Then she came back after three minutes and said you idiot why did you do that and I said cause I was scared. So we caught up to the other people and went to the next room.

So we were in the 6th room and Colleen got tooken away I guess she did it on purpose and planned this well this is what happened… So we were in the room and this scary looking guy with a mask took her and took her to a different room. Where we couldn’t go because there were guards we tried but they would just try to scare us away. So we left the room and were really scared because they had token Colleen away.

Anyways we were going onto the next room and we were so scared and unfortunately… chuckie was there the doll. And I am so scared of that doll because I have seen movies of him. He looked so real and not dollish he came with a knife jumped off of this table and tried to stab us all with it we ran out of there!

The 7th room we still hadn’t found Colleen and we were so scared and tried to ask these people where they put people that have been like kidnapped. We tried to understand and we thought that he had said the 10th room. So we were glad but wondering what they have done to her.

Well scared to death wondering… We were going to the next room and there was vampires but it wasn’t even scary cause they don’t freak me out and plus they just had capes. I was mad because they had put the worst room at the last.

We had walked to the next room and I could see that there was people lying on the ground and I was thinking in my mind that to not go in there. Well I had to there was a person with this huge knife and stabbing the person on the table. It looked like if blood was coming out!

The last room finally we were looking in the room and thought we could find Colleen in it and we did lying on this table getting stabbed to death. We were all crying, scared. Well she had gotten up walking to us and blood on her. When she got by me she was laughing. Making fun at all of us. She said that she had planned it and that it was fake blood, that they were just squirting it out and that it was fake.

So we all just stopped crying and left the haunted house. We had gotten home and I couldn’t stop dreaming about it!!

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