Doing Great

May 14, 2009
By cHeLLybOO*** BRONZE, Marion, Indiana
cHeLLybOO*** BRONZE, Marion, Indiana
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I'm not thinking about you any more. Yea i miss you like crazy but im doing great without you. If you hadn't hurt me like you did then i wouldn't be who i am today. From tearing me down, you built me up. Now, i can do anything.

If you didn't do what you did to me i wouldn't be this strong. I wish you could see me no. See how i really don't need you, see how im over you, and see how i made it after all that you did to me. I'll never get so caught up in a guy again. I'll never put my all into him and let him hurt me like you did. I know now that i never needed you like i thought. I'll be so much better than you ever expected me to be...I bet you never saw this coming huh?? Bet you never expected to see me come out on top, standing stronger than before. I'm doing great without you in my life now. I'm better off without trying so hard to make something a thing i know it can never be. Never thought i'd be the one saying this but glad you're gone....

The author's comments:
I fell in love with this guy about two years ago and i never thought i would get over him after he hurt me like that. I was in pieces after he left me....i learned this: s*** stronger than any one expected.....

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