May 13, 2009
By Jake Balwanz BRONZE, Stewartsville, Ohio
Jake Balwanz BRONZE, Stewartsville, Ohio
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Liars, Liars, Liars what can we do about liars? I can’t stand liars. It’s like this girl; we will call her Dorothy Netherlands. She says she won prom queen at the Bellaire High School Prom. She says that she went to the prom with a very popular student named Lyle Johansson. Her dress wasn’t a polka dotted sequence, but a plain tan dress. While walking through the halls of Bellaire High School, the whole school found out that she lied about the whole prom charade. She was a very embarrassed girl. Then, I have a friend named Charlotte. She is a very, very random girl. Well, once in 8th grade she said that she was going to have to give her heart to her grandma Linda. She said that her heart was the only one that was able to fill the empty hole with love and compassion. So my friend Charlotte. She said is there anything I could do for you or give you. Charlotte said a picture of us together so I can remember you forever. Later, on that week Charlotte went on over to Charlotte’s House that week to see if Linda was alright, and come to find out that Linda didn’t need a heart transplant. Charlotte LIED!

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The Story About Charlotte, My Friend Mary Told Me About It About Our Good Friend Charlotte.

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