May 12, 2009
By Robert Matchett BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Robert Matchett BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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People dont think before they speak
they never take in to consideration
the true power of the words they speak
they let their minds twist and bend things

then they realease it
it starts off small at first
like the embers of a fire
then it randomly combust into flames
the rumor takes over
it rips threw the victim like a harpoon threw a fish
unexpeded and painfull
the trust that person had burst into flames
untill there is nothing left but chared remains

At first the victim thinks
let it go
it will eventually leave
but it never will go
it haunts the victim day by day
hidden behind the snickers of cruel people
hidden behind the awqward silence
hidden behind the stares

by the time you realize this is out of control
and you speak up to say something
its too late
your voice gives in

people see they have struck you hard
they see they have managed to make you weak
they see now that your volnerable

your words mean nothing
they know they've gotten the best of you
they walk away with grins
plastered on their faces
showing no care at all
for the people they have burned

they walk away knowing they've won
and they begin to plot
their next attack
for someone else

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