Bring On The Rain

May 12, 2009
By Tiffany leasure BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
Tiffany leasure BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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It was a dark cold night it was around 10:00 pm. I was up finishing my math homework the TV was on but so loud that if the smoke detector went off you wouldn’t be able to hear it, but the movie I was watching went on a commercial so I was sitting there on the couch waiting for the movie to come back on I sat there all alone and all I hear is ‘BEEP BEEP”

So I jumped up woke up my mom and asked her where she put the remote she was like “I don’t remember why?”

I kept telling her I that this beeping noise keeps going off but I don’t know where it’s coming from, so I got up turned the TV down. My mom heard the same thing I heard she jumped up, woke up Perry so he could help us. My hearts beating I’m standing on the steps crying and screaming. My dad comes running down the steps screaming “GET OUT THE WAY!” My dad finally gets to the washroom where the fire was he goes in hands the stuff to my mom, then to Perry and sits everything on the steps. So Perry and I go into the kitchen and wait on my dad to tell us when to go wake up Elise, Devon, and Angel. Were standing there talking and all of a sudden flames just started shooting out of the heater vent burnt Perry on his leg he screams “HURRY UP”


So we do that but for some reason my cousin Angel wouldn’t wake up so Perry picked her up by her arms and she finally woke up. My mom tells me and Perry to take the three kids to the van and sit until she came down to let us know what was going on so I called my grandma and told her what was going on she said shed be there in 5 minutes. While sitting in the van my four-year-old sister and Perry had a conversation.
“Perry where’s my mommy and daddy at?”
“Up there helping the firefighters put out the fire”
“Are they going to be ok?”
“Yeah they will be”
“All ok”
After Two Hours later the fire was out I was happy but still scared. Then after the firefighters left my dad told us we could come back and stay because there was no damage. My mom said “NO I think that if we stay here then the incident with the fire will probably run through there minds again, so I think were going to stay with my mom.”

My dad said, “Ok I’m just going to stay here.”

So we told him good night then left.
The next day around 1:15 pm my mom asked if we were ready to go home and they all said yeah but the only thing is I didn’t answer so she turned and looked at me I said “No I think ill stay here for awhile.”

My Mom asked my grandma if it was ok for me to stay there till I got over my fear she said “yeah its ok because I know how she feels.” My mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, and two cousins all gave me a hug but my dad whispered in my ear “ If you ever need anything call me because ill be there for you!”
I smiled then hugged them all. They all left so I went in and got on the computer like nothing was a wrong.

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