Animal Hoaxes

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Animal Name: Afwooger (a fwoo gar)

Animal Make up: African Elephant, Wooly Spider Monkey, and a Bengal Tiger.

Animal Story: The Afwooger lives in East Africa over two ages ago. It has lack of resources though. The Afwooger doesn’t do well with other animals, but is a great indoor lap pet. It loves attention, but lacks self esteem. It can swim, and loves to do so. If you are thinking of adopting one, think again. These animals cost up to 123,000 dollars, but if you really want one and can afford it, go get one, but watch out, they have dangerous side effects such as: death, and severe internals and external injuries. They have a normal diet including: people, cats, dogs, and ice cream. It normally lives in dry habitat, and grasslands. The Afwooger has actually been extinct, until now, we have discovered 4 Afwoogers, 2 males, and 2 females and hope to bring the species back. There has been a recorded attack from these so called “peaceful species”. A woman named Lisa Bobles was attacked in 1896, and it was fatal. She died from the Afwooger. Its name was Woofie, and lived in the Manhattan Zoo. They later got “rid” of it because of the fatal accident. But, that is the only recording of odd behavior. These, as dangerous as they look, are very quiet and peaceful animals.

These fascinating creatures stand to be at and average of 5’8, and walk on all fours, unless they are about to attack you or their prey, they stand like humans, and are 6’7 then. The Afwooger is still being studied, for good reason; for some reason, it likes to attack shiny inanimate objects, such as watches, jewelry, and if that’s not weird, it like to eat rocking chairs-obsessively! We do not yet fully understand this, but we are working to figure this rare circumstance. One scientist has come up with a theory that it is either half termite, or woodpecker, but we aren’t certain. This amazing creature is soon going to be a normal species, and you will be hearing a lot more of them.


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