Love in your sleep

May 10, 2009
By Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
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Have you ever just had a really really hard day? where school felt like 10 hour's instead of 7 and a half? and in gym your teacher just works you to the bone? and your English and history teachers just drain your head out with questions with unknown answers? and then when you get home you find your parents sitting their waiting to give you a 2 hour lecture? and they get mad because you couldn't listen due to the non stop drowsiness! and when their done talking to you work is sitting their waiting and you have to go because you NEED that money. And every time you blink you forget how to open your eyes? but the one thing that keeps you going through all of it is that one person! not your mom, or your dad, or your sisters, not your brother! but that one person! you haven't met him yet but you see him perfectly in your dreams. his long brown hair sweeps over his scalp and across his forehead, his bright blue eyes shine through his hair like a lighthouse on a foggy cold night out at sea. His button nose crinkles when he laughs, his perfect pink soft lips curve at the corners to form his breathtakingly beautiful smile. this is what keeps you going every day. you look forward to going to bed at night, laying your head down on your soft pillows and waiting for that moment where the sleepiness sinks in and your eyes close to meet with your person. And you don't care how long it takes for you to meet him because you know one day you will. You know its in your future and your sure its in your dreams. So until the day that the angel greets you in person, you'll meet him every night at 9:30 in your sleep.

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