Judging People

May 9, 2009
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Judging People

How would it feel to be judged by someone you don’t even know , who doesn’t even know you ? I caught myself doing that the other day . You see , I was reading a book by Nikki Sixx , bassist for The Motley Crue called The Heroin Diaries . His book was about his drug addiction period which took place in the 1980’s and told through diaries he kept throughout that time period . Every page was 3 new girls (at least ) , 3 new drugs , 3 more incidents , and 3 new different ways to say the “ F” word . The book was captivating , and I found myself thinking “ gosh , this is one screwed up guy . Wow what an awful example he is , and my god this dude must not be a very good person” . Then I realized something . My own grandmother used to smoke ,drink ,swear, and read Playgirl , and she is a very nice person who defiantly doesn’t do that stuff anymore . I also realized that one of the biggest reasons that Nikki Sixx did all the stuff he did was because he had a very messed up childhood . I realized he did what he did not because he was a messed up person , but because he was in a lot of pain emotionally . I cried not only because I was so moved by the book , but that I had judged someone without knowing the whole picture and without knowing the guy personally . He may not be the most sterling example in the world , but we all do bad things , we all sin. So next time your about to label someone a snotty prep or an imo goth , stop to think about it and get to know the person before you pass judgment on them .

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AllSoPlayfulWhenYouDemonize said...
Apr. 30, 2015 at 9:44 pm
Nikki Sixx is actually my idol(: He's helped me through to much. c: His books, his music, and just him personally. He's lovely and a very good person. I like your part at the end, though. Because a lot of people get judged for the way the act, dress, or who they hang out with. It's stupid. I guess I dress like a Goth but I hang out with people who just wear band tees and skinny jeans. Everyone is different, everyone is beautiful.
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