May 7, 2009
By Christian Romero BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
Christian Romero BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
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What is magic? How did Magic start? How does he do that? There are many questions asked by millions of magic freaks around the world. Not all of their questions can be answered. I don’t know about you but I myself am a super magic freak. Just watching the magicians hand movement makes me think, is this real, does he really make this disappear or reappear? I have wonderful info that may amaze you and answer some of your questions.
Magic has been practiced for a very long time. In fact, it goes back as far as fifty thousand B.C. Magic is so easy a caveman can do it, just kidding. Scientists believed that carvings and drawings were a form of magic. For example, hunters would probably draw animals on hunting trips. They believed in its power but it didn’t actually work. By drawing the scenes, it gave them a boost in self-confidence. That was their magic. Ancient Egyptians used amulets, magic figures, and rites as their magic. Magic was very important to them because they believed it would provide them with crops, punishments, rewards and keeping their pharaoh happy. Ancient Greeks and Romans used crystal balls to tell their future. Many Mayan civilizations also predicted the future by using their prophets and calendars. During the middle ages, Europeans believed strongly in magic but also thought it was sinful. From the 1500’s-1700’s, belief in magic continued to spread world wide. Highly educated people believed in magic like Sir Isaac Newton. After about the 1600’s, magic lost our attention because of scientific advances. Scientists revealed that magic was not real but our minds playing tricks. Today people still practice witch craft and read their daily horoscopes on newspapers but we mostly use it as entertainment.

There are many different types of magic that one may not know. Here are some below:
Children’s Magic-performed for kids
Close up Magic-performed for small audiences
Stand up Magic-performed on stage
Silent Magic-performed with no sound
Illusions-imagining things not real
Props-using things during performances
Live animals-using animals in acts.
Most popular types of magic is Street Magic and Escape Magic. Street magic is performed on streets and includes classic card and coin tricks and levitation. There are loads of Street Magicians that may include normal citizens like cashiers or ice cream sellers. Famous street magician, David Blaine, is known for his high-profile feats of endurance and his talent for street magic and close up magic. He has broken several world records. Theater owner James N. has referred to Blaine as a modern day Houdini while he has also been called a “Houdini wanna-be” by the New York Daily News. Harry Houdini is the most famous magician that ever lived. He performed escape magic and has performed many acts that left people in astonishment. Houdini died on October 1926. Interestingly, the bronze casket Houdini created for Buried Alive Was used to transport his body from Detroit back to New York following his death on Halloween.

For all of the future magicians, here are two illusions that are simple but will amaze your friends and family and leave them in confusion.
Vanish Toothpick
All you will need for this trick is a toothpick and clear tape. Before the trick, tape the toothpick to the nail of your thumb. Now, in front of your audience, show your toothpick(make sure the toothpick is taped to your thumb’s nail and it is covered with the same hand you have the toothpick in. Make sure your audience can not see the taped part of the toothpick). Open your hand quickly so your audience can only see the inside of your thumb not the nail. The tooth pick should be aligned against the back of the thumb so it is not visible. Remember to practice in front of a mirror. ABBRACADABRA ! You made a toothpick disappear!
Here is another trick.
All you will need for this trick is physical movement of the feet. To perform this trick you will need to stand in front of your audience (sideways so that your audience can only see one foot not the other). Now with your other foot ,hidden from sight, tippy toe slowly and let your visible foot rise (make sure your foot is not visible when tippy toeing). Remember to act the part and practice. ABBRACADABRA! You are levitating!

I interviewed two magic freaks to know how they feel about magic. I interviewed one fan and she said “I think magic is cool and interesting”. I asked why and she said “well its hard to explain but I just love seeing things disappear”. This really made my day so I asked another person that seemed to be interested in magic. I asked her how she felt about magic and she replied as “I think its awesome and it’s a great way to make friends”. I have I herd that many people think that magic is sinful so I asked her if it goes against her religion. She is catholic. She told me that “I don’t think its that sinful but sometimes some performances may go too far. Like walking on water. I don’t know I think it is going too far but I still love magic though”. I got some wonderful opinions and some think differently but many can relate to by enjoying the art of Magic.

You now know the secrets of Magic’s origins, the different types of magic, and even learned some tricks that will amaze your friends. I hope I answered your questions and remember everything is not what it seems. Now all you need to do is, astound your audience and DISSAPEAR!

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