The First Time I Skinned a Wild Hog

May 5, 2009
By luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
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The first time I ever dissected a wild hog was at my grandma’s house. I can remember quite a bit of it and can tell it with most of the details. I remember clearly that I was 10 and it was on a Friday. I also remember that we had caught three pigs in the trap and were going to start to skin them. I couldn’t wait! We had to ask our grandma whom we call “mom,” if we could first. When we went to ask her we stooped by the barn but she wasn’t there. We looked over by where our parents were but she wasn’t there either. My sister and I decided to ask our aunt Lori and she answered, “she is in the kitchen getting some water and bags of ice.” We ran to the kitchen and we saw her in there. We asked her, “why are you getting bags of ice?” “I’m getting them for the men that are going to skin the hogs. They need the bags to keep the ribs and meet warm,” she answered. When she got the bags out of the fridge in the garage and since they were heavy we thought she could use some help. So me and my sister grabbed the bags and headed out to the pasture. When we got to the people that were skinning the hogs we put the ice in the coolers that they had brought. We had to ask our grandma if we could watch them skin it. She said, “yes, but make sure to put gloves on if you want to touch anything. We agreed so we put the gloves on to skin and dissect the hogs. While we watched we also got to touch the intestines and the heart. Our grandma thought it was gross, but I thought it was cool. When we started to touch the guts and intestines we had felt that they had barely any blood on them and we wondered why. We also noticed that they were warm and sticky. When we wondered this we thought when you cut an animal they bleed and also the heart is what pumps the blood. We asked the men and they said it was because we didn’t cut any veins or the heart open. I have still wondered why but I keep remembering and it was because we didn’t cut any of the veins or the heart open. Since I have a strong stomach, which made it easier to have that experience, I can remember that very well and not get a stomachache. I think that I wouldn’t have had this memory if I had a week stomach or was not there. I also think that this memory is very important because I got to touch the inside of a wild hog! I would also love to share this experience because some kids might think it’s gross but it's actually when they try it to them it might be learning in a fun way! It sure is to me!

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