What Happened to Pam

May 5, 2009
What Happened to Pam.

“Oh. My. God! Pamela, what happened?”

Jude stood there, still from shock, staring at the stranger in front of him. On normal days, Pam’s body is beautiful, like a porcelain doll. Today, her beautiful porcelain doll figure was overtaken by dark circles beneath her stale eyes, and bruises slithering from her neck all the way down to her thighs, and cuts spaced themselves throughout her normally, voluptuous body. Jude stood there like a statue, dumbfounded by the nightmare in front of him.

“Jude, it’s nothing, and even if it was, it’s my problem, not yours. This is my fault.”

Pam began to saunter around the room, in hopes to find a way out of this conversation, but Jude was just beginning.

“Who the h*** did this to you? You better tell me d***-it! This is nothing to be ignored! Now you tell me.”

Pam avoided eye contact with Jude, and Pam’s tears changed from a stream, to an entire waterfall. She strolled around the room with her back towards Jude, not knowing he was following close behind. When she turned around; there he was.

“Pam, I know you may be scared, and stunned by this, but you need to tell me. Who did this to you?”

Pam sunk to the floor, losing all control of her body. Pam began crying hysterically. “It was him.”

“Who, Pam, It was who?” Jude asked in a spiraling panic.

Pam sighed and finally pushed the words outs of her mouth. “It was David. You know from work. I went to hang out with him like I promised and things just went to h***.”

Pam began crying again, and Jude knelt to the floor with Pam. Pam wrapped her arms around Jude, and Jude softly shushed Pam into a silence. “This isn’t your fault,” Jude said.

Pam calmly replied, “I know Jude, but why?”

“Some of us can be pigs,” Jude articulated.

Pam began to lose control once more. “But all I did was say one thing, and he lost control, and did this! Why, all I did was try to befriend him.”

“Shhhhhh!” Jude exclaimed, “This is not your fault, end of story.”

Pam fell soft into Jude’s arms as Jude brought her sobbing to a standstill.

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