Niagara Falls

May 5, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the Summer of 2002. I was twelve and a half at that time and still enjoyed the company of my parents doing things together. The Saturday, on a beautiful August morning promised to be relaxed and quiet. The Sun peaked through the heavy dark blue curtains in the small bedroom tickling my eyelashes, making me open and close both eyes almost simultaneously. I felt the welcoming and delicious smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen. Finally I was up, dressed in a pink sport suit, rushing to the kitchen table. My mom were already there discussing the future trip we were supposed to take on Monday. I was very excited sitting at the round wooden kitchen table, nibbling slowly at my pancakes and listening dreamingly about the trip details. It was to be my first long trip since I had come to America in the year of 2000. My adventurous spirit was floating in the air bouncing up and down the puffy white clouds I was looking at through the small kitchen window. The weekend went fast. Everybody was busy packing suitcases with clothes and all sorts of different things ready for the five day trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. Early on Monday morning we left the house driving on speedy highways, and after eight hours the destination was reached. All three of us were extremely eager to see the Falls right away. After checking at the previously booked hotel we walked to the sight seeing. The view was amazing and glorious. I had never seen something so amazing in my life. From the Canadian side one can contemplate Niagara Falls in all the beauty and magnificence. While not exceptionally high the Falls were wide and powerful. They were composed of two major sections known as the Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side and American Falls on the American side. After looking at the pretty view for what seemed a hour my mom came up with the idea to take a boat that would take us closer to the aluminous falls. When I heard her idea I started to jump up and down with joy. I loved the water and I knew that getting close to the thunderous falls would make me soaking wet. That day I was not disappointed. When we got closer to the falls the water sprayed me all around not missing a dry spot on my clothes. I looked over at all the people and everyone seemed to have the time of their lives. The cold splash of water hit my face hard and it felt refreshing. It made me want to jump inside the water and refresh my whole body. When the boat started coming back to shore I didn’t want to get off. It made me a little depressed knowing that I would have to stay out in the sun all day. That night we went out to a expensive restaurant. We sat outside looking at the beautiful view of the falls. The food was delicious and the taste buds in my mouth exploded in delight. That was the most peaceful dinner that I have had. It was dark outside and all the stars were shining bright. I could hear the distant laughter and conversation that people were having around us. The restaurant was on two floors and looking down I could see the people passing through the street. Most of them were young couples or friends getting together. I remember how I wanted to grow up and be their age. For the next three days we visited many places and ate out at restaurants every night. The people seemed so different and I felt like I was back in Europe. Every one was walking outside and enjoying their surroundings. I wish that The US was more like that. It seems like people here never walk down the street and they take their cars everywhere that they visit. In Canada every day seemed to be a new adventure. I really wish that I could live in a place like that. It is nice to know that you could go to different places every day and not stay stuck at home thinking about where to go the next day.

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on May. 25 2009 at 11:30 pm
Jennifer van den Bogerd BRONZE, Fenwick, Other
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Although this story would have really benefited from paragraphs, it is actually fairly well written and creates some beautiful images for the reader. As a Canadian, I thank you for the credit you give us. Canada is truly a beautiful country, especially the Falls. (From what I've seen, I can't say enough about European landscape, either). Thank-you for your story.


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