The Dreaded First Date

May 4, 2009
By Regan Canfill BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
Regan Canfill BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Every girl goes on her first date. A first date is like a rite of passage into the world of boys, dating, love, and heartbreak. When the question of a date is brought up you will have the tendency to get all giggly and excited but try and keep the random outburst of chuckles to a minimum; the guy might think you are laughing at his attempt to ask you out. After the all the schedule changes and planning, you will set a date, place, and time. Then, the real planning gets started. What are you going to wear? Will you go for a classy or flirty look? Will you be casual or dressy? Next thing you know the date is approaching, and you forgot that he still has to meet your parents. You thought the worst part was over, but you were sadly mistaken. You have the outfit, the makeup, and you have practiced your witty remarks a thousand times over in the bathroom mirror. You have even practiced batting your eyelashes. Sadly, you still have to worry about the embarrassment of mom and dad. Before you know it he is ringing the door bell, and dad is welcoming him in the house. The feelings inside your stomach are indescribable. There is a gymnast in there doing flips nonstop. You’re palms are sweaty, but you make it to the door to greet him. Oh no, is dad going to threaten him with the “you know I’ve got an old shotgun in my closet; it may be old but it still works.” Will mom embarrass you with the “awe ya’ll are so cute together; ya’ll would make a perfect couple.” You just want to tape her mouth shut. She has no clue that these days’ going on a date does not mean you will become boyfriend and girlfriend. She could have just ruined the potential relationship with those few phrases. But, remember to give her some credit she is your mother and is only excited for you. Finally, you make it out the door. There are a few awkward silences on the way to the restaurant; but before you realize it, you guys are talking like old friends. Dinner is served. At the end of the meal, you realize you have made it through without any burps or anything getting stuck in your teeth. This first date did not turn out too bad. You never know; you might even get that kiss goodnight.

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