Pixie Sticks: The World's Hero

May 6, 2009
By Kat DeLay BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Kat DeLay BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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“Look! There is something in the sky!”

“What is that?”

“Here comes more!”

“Look at all the colors!”

A long line of bright blues, radiant reds, obvious oranges, and perfect purples colored the skies. Suddenly, there came a shower of sugar upon the citizens of the world. Within moments of staring with their mouths open, a sudden burst of energy and joy surged through every person’s magnificently designed body. Treaties were quickly signed, agreements were made, and peace flowed from sea to sea, through country to country. A little piece of history, the Pixie Sticks’ Peace Time has lasted for over fifty years and counting.

Okay, no, this did not happen. In fact, the whole idea sounds more like an acid trip than reality. Where’s the spaghetti monster when you need him? But, honestly, pixie sticks -the world’s finest most sugar-infested candy- will one day be the world’s hero. One little thing of sugar and you are bouncing off the walls feeling that everything is beautiful and happy. Any amount of drugs could do this, but candy will not force a person into a hospital bed at the age of twenty with Death waving hello. Instead, everything seems so clear and perfect.

With an attitude that life is happy, beautiful, perfect, and clear, so much peace could be accomplished. The whole planet would be rejoicing in hyperness together. The Pixie Sticks’ Peace Time is only inevitable; the simple tube of pure colored flavored sugar just needs to be discovered by rulers around the world. Simply put, all the nations need to unite over something. Pixie Sticks may do just the trick. All of Earth will call, “Pixie Sticks! You are our hero!”

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