Hot Summer Day

April 30, 2009
By Phillip Lipsey BRONZE, Chesnee, South Carolina
Phillip Lipsey BRONZE, Chesnee, South Carolina
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One hot summer day I got a call from one of my dad’s friends. “Hey would you like to make some money. “Sure what are we going to be doing? Picking up hay, “with a pause that sounds good to me.” I thought to myself, this probably aint going to be a good job.”
I knew I would need some help, so I went and picked up my cousin and we got ready for the long day ahead. We started down the road with the thought this aint going to be that bad. After a long ride we pulled up in the field with a little thrill of making money. Then we got on the old rusted wooden trailer and went bumping through the field. Once we hopped off, we started picking up hay. At first the bales of hay didn’t seem that heavy, but after about ten they felt like they were one hundred pounds. These were the heaviest bales we have ever picked up but we kept on going. The longer we worked the more the sun blazed down on us.

The hay never seemed to end; it was like a long day of school. It would seem like we hadn’t done any work at all. But Justin and me kelp on trucking. Hay got heavier and the trailer got fuller. Justin and I were furious because we were the only ones working. The other guys were riding in the air conditioned cab just watching us being scorched in the sun. We just ignored them because we knew we were going to get paid and were getting a tan, too.

Finally we had the hay stacked high on the trailer. We got in my truck and started toward the barn for another exhausting task. Once we got to the barn we started to unload the intense bales of hay. Heat in there was extreme. I could hardly breathe. The hay was itching my scratched up arms and we were ready to give up. But the thought of the pay we would be getting enticed us to keep going. At last had the hay stacked tall in the barn. Justin and I were very excited to leave with some money.

As we went to grab the money and jet out of there John asked me if I could do one more favor. With a sigh I said yes. He told me we would be driving a tractor. I had to rake a gigantic field. So I got in the tractor and we rode down the road to the field. This wasn’t the fastest tractor out there. Justin and I just puttered down the road with what looked like a mile of cars backed up behind us. I felt so stupid; it was like that country song,” son of a third generation farmer.” We just ignored them until we got to the site. It was a lot bigger than John made it out to be. So we started out journey in circles. For an hour or so it was the same; all I had to do was turn the wheel a little. The tractor had a radio but it didn’t work so Justin and I sung to make time go by faster.

The hardest part of our task was slowly approaching. The field was getting smaller and I started to have to do a lot more. It was almost too much; the tractor was too big for the little space I had to rake. But I held on and got it done. Then we had another small filed. This field had a lot of briers which made it harder because we had to get off and pull the big piles apart. We didn’t have any gloves so it hurt a little to. By the time we were finished, it started to get dark. So we went back and got our money and started home. Although didn’t get much as we thought we would, at least we got some money.

Our Day had ended but our night had just begun. The work was in North Carolina and we followed that guy up here. However didn’t pay attention on the way there so we got lost and rode around forever. Finally we stopped and asked for directions. Then we went on our way. It took forever to get to highway eighty five. The night finally caught up with us. Our eyes were heavy and the white lines were getting longer. After what seemed the longest drive ever we arrived at Justin’s house.

There was a lot of food but nothing but breakfast. So we cooked it and ate till we were jam-packed. The money we earned didn’t seem like it was all that but it was enough to me. This was the worst job I think I’ve ever done!

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