Money Can Bring Happiness

March 18, 2009
By Che Rin Kim BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
Che Rin Kim BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
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   Money is one of the things you need in your life. With money you can do or have anything you want. But, can money bring happiness? Before I answer this question, I'd better ask it myself, "What is money?" Money is one of the reasons why we students study. We study very hard until high school and through university. And the better the university, the better job. Good jobs are ones that allow you to earn a lot of money. People who studying end up with money. This leads me to think that money can bring happiness to people. By having a lot of money, you can live comfortably, buy anything you want, and do anything you want to do.

Some people say that it is possible to be happy and very poor. However, from the young age, our dreams are usually big: lawyers, doctors, or even the presidency. These jobs usually have high salary. People who are poor but happy are usually happy because they are married to someone who they love. I've noticed this in a non-fiction movie. There were two homeless people who were in love with each other. They were old and didn't have money to get married. They are actually not a family, but they thought of themselves as married. They didn't even own a house, have many clothes, or three solid meals a day, they were happy because they had each other. However, I'm sure if they were rich, they would be happier.

I’m sure if everyone in the world had a lot of money, there are some things that would improve: there would be less arguing. A few days ago, I asked my parents for new clothes from Korea. The clothes were cheaper than Japan but shipping was expensive. I kept on saying that I wanted new clothes and my parents said not now. The argument kept on going. Also if only everyone had a lot of money, there would be less crime in the world. The robbers and murderers usually do bad things in order to get money. It will be more peaceful and happier if everyone had a lot of money with them.

If people are poor and have no money, shelter, clothes, food, and even family, would they be happy? They would regret their past and want to start a new life which they own a lot of money and a stable job. They would say, “I wish I could go back to your age and study hard to end up being rich.”

I am really curious about how people are born into money is born. Money chooses people’s class. If you are poor, you are usually in a low class, where you get ignored or are distinct from other richer people. I sometimes imagine the world with no money. I think a world with no money is better because since everything is free, people would be able to own anything they want and be happy. However, this is impossible because there would be no people working and the world would be a disaster.

In this world, money is really important to us. In fact, money is one of the things that we always use and need. With money, you can do and own anything and this is why I think money can bring happiness. Even though some people claim that money is not everything, if you think really hard, it actually is. Everything’s got to do with money: your health, beauty, and future.

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