What Goes Around Comes Around

April 28, 2009
By Kimme Phan BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Kimme Phan BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Some say that everything happens for a reason, whether it’d be bad or good. It creeps behind us when our minds are filled with either good or bad intentions that result to in actions. What goes around comes around. This is best known as Karma. As an individual I believed in the religion that I have grown up with, and that would be Buddhism. Throughout my life I have come to put my faith in my religion, Buddhism. And within this religion lies a core concept that many have come to believe in, and that is Karma. “Karma refers to the "debt" accumulated against a soul as a result of good or bad actions committed during one's life (or lives). If one accumulates good karma, he will supposedly be reincarnated in a desirable state. If one accumulates bad karma, he will be reincarnated in a less desirable state” (www.experiencefestival.com). I believe that everything that happens in life has a reason behind it, and some type of logic. There is always a beautiful and an ugly side in this cold world, and we all have to come face to face with them someday. It is up to us to decide our fates. Whether we choose to make good decisions or make bad decisions, there will be consequences to every action we take.
My belief in Karma is very strong. But as an individual, I created myself to have an open mind to new ideas and new thoughts of how our minds should proceed in what to believe in. Though I have taken into consideration different beliefs such as Christianity, Classicism, and even Romanticism, I believe that some things take logic to understand. But as I thought it through there wasn’t as much faith in these ideas. I feel most at peace with the Buddhist teachings and its’ beliefs. To know and understand my “what happens” or my “what ifs” furthers what I already know. Also I would be able to learn to center my negative energy into positive energy.
In Classicism belief in God was the God placed reasons and intent. I agree that there is a God, different types of Gods that created reasons and intents for people to figure them out. But I don’t fully believe that God created the world itself. After all I find logic in everything that I think of. I believe that it was just a world of science that created the world and not God. I also liked how the Classicists thought about nature and how they believed that nature could be enjoyed but we weren’t apart of it. My thoughts about nature weren’t as strong the reason being that I never really thought about Nature. Although I liked how they thought about nature I believe that while humans are still breathing and living that we are not a part of nature. But as we grow older and begin to wither away; that’s when we become a part of nature. When we are dead and gone and under the earth’s dirt, that’s when we become something. That’s when we begin to create something more magical, such as a new tree or even a flower. We’ll become what we are something great or less then great. God, in my opinion, is Karma because Karma needs a reason to exist in people’s minds and what else would it cause if it wasn’t God.
Classicism’s society is when they believed that everyone should be organized; this would be a way to better yourself. I believe that it’s a good then to be organized, because if you were organized then your life would be so much more planned out. I don’t believe that if your not organized then that doesn’t make you a better person or not. It just gives you a different character, a unique character possibly. Everything has a reason; we search for each reason and answer to every question. Classicism believed that it’s the key to never go astray and this was what they believed in for their reasoning’s. Ben Franklin believed that everyone should be organized that we needed to set up a plan for ourselves and to follow it each day and to never go off task. “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into. As I knew, or thought I knew, what was right and wrong, I did not see why I might not always do the one and avoid the other. But I soon found I had undertaken a task of my difficulty that I have imagined.” (American Literature 80). I honestly do not fully agree with Ben Franklin although his ways has nothing to do with Karma, it wouldn’t give you either good Karma or not. He just thinks that life would has difficulties that he knew what was right and wrong until he found out that he can always do one task and not the other, and to realize that he was able to do one and not the other, he felt an accomplishment, a task that he was able to solve.
As God was always in the back of my mind, I always contradicting myself to whether God himself might be real or in my presences. In the Romanticism belief God was a way for people to explore evil and good. I know that in this world there are evil and good from what I have seen and heard. But I always question myself whether it was God’s creation to have created these evils that roams the earth and that causes suffering for people. Romanticism is “placed central importance upon emotions and upon the individual”(122) therefore the Romantics believed in imaginative things. Everything that they believed in came from their emotions. This is what they believed in society, that the individual was put above society, that everything that an individual has created into art was what they felt their “individual freedom”. “The Romantics stressed the human potential for social growth and spiritual” growth.”(122). I believe that what the Romantics believed in was a very strong belief that everything came from how you felt and also whenever you created some type of art. Which got me thinking about the art works that are drawn by different artists and it makes me question whether they might have been Romantics. I think that the Romantics found the simple things in life where you trust you instincts and do what you do to the best of your ability. Just like when they believed that you should go to the extremes, such as get extremely happy or extremely mad so that you might be able to find something new that you have not discovered yet.
Although these beliefs did not flow right in my mind, I believe that Karma is the backbone to my thoughts, Mind State and my actions. It is a strong belief for someone like me to be able to center myself and become a better person for my own good and also for the people around me. We make unintentional mistakes to learn from them, so that we are able to better ourselves. It is all about how you put things into perspective, to always know that if you are a good person then good things will come back to you later on. Also there is always a reason and some logic, just like how there is always an answer to every question.

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