Communism Killed Kennedy

April 25, 2009
On May 29th, 1917, the world was introduced to one of the most charismatic men in the history of the United States. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts and into a family with many politicians. Learning quickly and becoming a well-educated, easy-going student, the boy spent his first ten years of life in Brookline known by the name of “Jack”. Jack then moved to an enormous mansion where he lived while attending several elementary and high schools. During his high school years, Kennedy endured colitis, a chronic digestive disease, and a severe back injury. He began college in London at the London School of Economics, but after just a week at the college, he had to sail back home because of jaundice. Kennedy would also be tested for possibly having leukemia before attending Harvard Law School in September 1936. After he graduated from college, he volunteered to join the US Army but was rejected because of his back injuries received in high school. He was soon accepted to the Navy and eventually sent out as lieutenant for sea patrol during World War II. He commanded the PT-109 but on August 2nd, 1943, the Japanese destroyer Amagiri rammed into the ship causing the boat to have no place to go but down to the ocean floor. Kennedy swam to a nearby island with an injured man on his back even though he had injured himself during the incident. Kennedy was later awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. After returning from World War II, JFK considered becoming a journalist but instead became a politician like many of his family members. He served as a congressman for 6 years, served in the US Senate, and even ran for Vice Presidency (Democrat) in 1956. He married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy on September 12th, 1953 and had 4 children (2 of the 4 died at birth and John Jr. was killed in 1999 in a plane crash). In 1960, John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States and was loved by many people. Or so they say. Although JFK was highly accepted by the United States, he was the most overrated president in our history. John F. Kennedy is one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had because he took the wrong approach to the Bay of Pigs Invasion, sent thousands of troops to the Vietnam War even though the chances of success were unlikely, and ultimately abused his communist beliefs thus killing thousands of people indirectly.

During the rule of Fidel Castro, the United States had planned to overthrow his government and take over. They would use air support and ground forces to overthrow the communistic government. But on April 17th, 1961, Kennedy deployed his assembled army of Cuban exiles instead of going with the government‘s plan. Within 2 days, all of the exiles had either been captured or killed. The invasion was declared unsuccessful and was an embarrassing moment in U.S. history. But why was it so embarrassing? Kennedy decided not to send air forces to Cuba. He didn‘t even admit to have any knowledge of the invasion. The invasion wasn’t doing well and help was needed but Kennedy turned his nose. The inexperience and the ignorance of our adored president had not only caused us to waste our time and money in this 2 day invasion lasting from April 17th until April 19th, but it ultimately developed into the Cuban Missile Crisis. If Kennedy made the move to send air forces to Cuba then we would have had a strong chance of overthrowing the government thus stopping the Missile Crisis from ever happening. But because of slow reaction and bad decision-making on the part of John F. Kennedy we had to endure the terrifying truth that just 90 miles off of coast, there were nuclear weapons pointed right at our country. The United States-and even the entire world-was on the brink of nuclear war.

Once again fearing the threat of communism, Kennedy recognized the fighting in Vietnam. He sent thousands of troops over to Vietnam hoping to win the war and stop communism. But was that what he really wanted? He wanted to save his reputation since he embarrassed himself in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Although the number of U.S troops increased from 800 men to 16,300, the United States were far away from a victory. The Communists may have only had around 520,000 soldiers compared to the 1,200,000 pro-democracy soldiers but the communists knew the land well and Kennedy had no idea what he was putting the United States into. After the war had ended in 1975, we walked out in defeat. The United States had walked in with their heads high, assured that their president had chosen the right thing to do but walked out in shame. Thanks to John F. Kennedy 58,159 United States troops had died while 2,000 were missing and 303,635 were injured. Another bad decision. Another defeat. Another bad choice made by the president.

But John F. Kennedy’s anti-communist ways hadn’t ended there. In 1963 the United States aided the Baath Party in killing hundreds of suspected communists. Although some of these men and women may have been communists and such, many innocent doctors, teachers, politicians, and all sorts of other educated people were also killed. It’s a hard truth to face, but these are the acts of a terrorist, quite possibly. People in the United States idolize this president because of what? Killing innocent people because of his reputation and his fears? Citizens in our country believe that George W. Bush is one of the worst presidents we have ever had. Although this may be true, why do we differentiate John Kennedy’s actions against George Bush’s? Bush is worried about terrorism and how it will affect not only our country but the world. Kennedy was the same, but more so. He agreed to kill innocent people because of his fears. The murders of these well-educated men and women were even thought to be similar to some scenarios where Saddam Hussein, himself, had planned. The leader of our nation took actions as if he were a terrorist. Embarrassing.

Although people in the United States revere John F. Kennedy, his accomplishments can’t cover up his poor choices and actions. If you dig up information on the few years President Kennedy was alive, you’ll find many dark stories about him and some that you might find embarrassing. But many citizens of the United States don’t realize what Kennedy had done mainly because he was overrated. On November 22nd, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated from an assassin’s bullet, during a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. After a ten-month investigation of the Warren Commission (1963-1964) the government officials had come to a conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby, who was disguised as a news reporter, only two days later, when being transported by police officers. The assassination of John F. Kennedy is completely surrounded by conspiracy theories and many questions. Some believe Oswald wasn’t the only assassin, while others believe the CIA, FBI, Fidel Castro, or even the Mafia had something to do with the assassination. With all of the controversy, the 35th president’s triumphs and failures were drowned in a sea of people’s tears. Sadly, we must face the truth that when we hear the initials “JFK” we think of the tragedy not of the accomplishments and disappointments. Kennedy will be remembered for how he died, not how he was as a president, and therefore, is the most overrated president the United States has ever elected. On March 14th, 1967, John F. Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with a memorial. The man lie dead but his legacy created by his actions will live on forever.

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MasterZone said...
Feb. 4, 2011 at 5:45 pm
I wonder why people have such a hard time believing that the former President Kennedy was simply killed by one man with moderate planning and a rifle. I suppose Oswald was sane, or else he might have killed more people rather than just JFK.
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