Something Golden

April 20, 2009
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Something golden in my life was my friend Mark. He moved to Pennsylvania in 4th grade and moved to Tennessee last year. He and I were good friends. Although he visits in the summer, it’s not the same as having him live here. Mark and I went to school and played basketball together. We had many great times. I can remember all the basketball tournaments we had and how fun they were. We traveled around Pennsylvania to places like Chambersburg, Lycoming College, Reading and more. He was stronger, taller, and just better than I was so it’s sad that he had to leave. Last summer Mark came to visit. I was in Steelton in a summer basketball league with a bunch of friends that he used to be in. It was after the first game Mark showed up. He stayed for a week and went to Hershey Park with my friends and I sometimes. I really miss Mark and wish he never had moved. I miss the basketball tournaments and miss him just being at school. Mark was a great friend and I look forward to him visiting again in the summer.

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