April 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Every thing is about being trustworthy. You are never going to get anywhere in life without being able to be trusted. If you think about everything basically goes back to trust. When you get a job you have to be trustworthy so that they can know that you are doing the tight thing. In school you have to be trustworthy so that the teachers can believe you that you didn’t cheat or anything like that. When you have a friend you have to be trustworthy, so that they can tell you things and trust you that you won’t tell anyone. There are so many more reasons why you have to be trusted but I don’t want to list all those other wise it would take forever. So my point is that if your not trusted your not going to get anywhere in life.

If you are known to be a teller of everything, are you really a good person or friend? This year I have gotten in a few fights with my friends this year because I told some people things. I totally regret that and I should not have done that. It was horrible for me to do and now some of my friends don’t tell me as much because they are afraid that I will tell. I hate that so much because I made one mistake and now I don’t get trusted as much. Your family has to be able to trust you too. I understand why they don’t. So as you can tell trust is a huge thing. You’re not going to have friends, jobs, respect, or any of that kind of stuff without being trusted.

There is a lot more to trust, than just the word. It means so much. Like I haven’t thought about it a lot and stuff but now that I’m this powerful word, I thought about it a lot more. For a little five letter word it means so much. Think about it, if you weren’t trustworthy, do you really think you’re going to be respected? Uh yeah I don’t think so. When you can’t be trusted in school and screw off in class and not be trustworthy to do the right thing, I don’t think you should be respected either. Why should you be respected if you’re distracting the class and not being trustworthy? I know that I most definitely wouldn’t trust you in my class if I was the teacher.

The first thing that I think about, when I hear the word trust is being there for your friends and not breaking your promises. I know that I can go to my friends whenever I need them; I know that I can to them whenever and however. I know they will always reply to me when I have problems. My friends are the best, and I don’t know what I would do without them because without someone that I can go to, to trust I don’t where I would stand today. I can’t just keep everything in I have to know that I can to someone. I love my friends and I trust them so much.

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