A Routine, Ruined

May 6, 2009
By Anonymous

A Daily Routine, Ruined
2:30 p.m. The minute hand at last finally clicks into place; I leave Mrs. Bouchard’s room to grab my coat from my locker. In moments notice I am sitting in the front seat of my truck, and as if I had no patience, I high tail it out of the school parking lot and off to Life Time Fitness. I need to stick to my routine or else it will feel as if a piece of me would fall to the floor and shatter. I sit and drive on my way to the extraction, and breathe in each breath of relaxation knowing that I was finally released from captivity. Once I arrive at Life Time I walk through the door and hand the gate keeper my key of access. I place my headphones into my ears so that I will have that stimulation of energy to have a successful workout. Soon I am dressed in my armor to fight the fatness of this world. I meet with my Johnny, my fellow comrade, to be let go and sent to our next adventure. Johnny is a great friend, He moved here to Minnesota a few months ago from Canada. He always will give tips on how to have the perfect workout. Every time I see Johnny he always has a smile on his face in fact, I’ve never seen him sad at all and of course the fact that he always says, “eh” after every sentence is enough to crack me up. Every one at the gym respects him and all consider him their friend.

Soon the next day slowly drifts upon me and I am stuck at school just anticipating the last bell to ring so that I can arrive at Life Time. After almost an unbearable long wait, I am soon relinquished from imprisonment and on my way to Life Time. Once I arrive I can not help but notice the immense sight of a large crowd that has confusion and disappointment painted onto their faces. Eventually I get to the front door and find out that Life Time has been closed for the day. I find Johnny and he says to me, “Eh, Michael what do ya suppose this is all about eh?” I had no idea what to say I was just as confused as he was; all that came to me was that something horrible had happened. I sincerely had no clue to what I was going to do. Johnny, being the clever guy that he was, came to me and said, “How bout you and I go off to go get some grub at that there Super Buffet eh?” I agreed to go with him and still filled with disappointment I felt that I had to do something. So while I sat at Super Buffet, drained in distress of how mad I was that Life Time was closed. What an awful day I thought, but as soon as I was about to leave and go home, Johnny went and bought me some ice cream to cheer me up, he even paid for my dinner. That is when I realized that it is no big deal that Life Time was closed I was still able to converse with my friend Johnny. I went home feeling just as fulfilled as I would as if I just got done working out. I don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to relax me; all I need is my buddy to hang out with.

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