The Day I Realized

May 5, 2009
By kisskhor BRONZE, Waco, Texas
kisskhor BRONZE, Waco, Texas
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As I sit here alone and wait, staring at the phone; I am slowly becoming impatient while waiting for a response; my heart is beating so fast; he is the climax of my life; so sweet, so sensual, & so very handsome; it's that when I see him or when I am with him my stomach becomes full of butterflies. As I think of him my heart jumps and my eyes start to sparkle like the stars in the jet black moonlit sky; so I say today is the day were I have become brave and let down my wall of fears & stowed away all my tears. Today I will not be another stray on this cruel planet we call "earth"; for I have had god and faith lead me in every right way. Fate has brought me here and has made my crush for him so clear. There may be confusion and mixed feelings but hiding them or pretending that these hidden secrets in my thoughts will keep me from taking the next step. So I won't be afraid to speak my mind tell him how my heart feels & not how my mind or everyone else is wanting me to feel. I will always remember that happiness is the main key to being sucessful and strong and no matter how lonely I may feel I am not nor ever will be alone.

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I sat outside with a pen and my spiral. I watched as every rain drop hit the ground in a different way and how no matter how hard the wind blew the trees danced in the wind as if they were doing a ritual for god. As all of this was going on i had all these emotions bottled up inside. All i wanted to do was pick up my phone and call my bff; I just wanted to talk about it all and feel relieved because i knew that i would be much happier and that my bff is always there for me. Considering that it was late; instead i started writing all my feelings down. My heart began to race and my brain was throbbing with words of mind boggling gestures. In all of this I never thought I would end up with what I call "My Life As Is" poem.

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on May. 27 2009 at 7:55 pm
Ryley Howell BRONZE, Wapello, Iowa
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i liked all the adjectoves you used to describe things like "jet black moonlit sky" good work

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