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April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Aventura creates their own unique style of bachata by infusing the sounds of hip hop, R&B, and reggaeton. The group is made up of the cousins Anthony and Henry Santos, and the brothers Max and Lenny Santos. Their name wasn’t always Aventura. They changed it about twice. You’ll find out later in this article. Find out which member was in their church choir when they were twelve years old. Also, guess which other superstar used to be in Aventura. You’ll find out interesting facts about them. Check out how their songs hit the top of the charts everywhere!

This article will have pictures. So keep reading and you’ll find out a lot of this well-known group!

For those that don’t know Aventura very well they are is a bachata music group formed in The Bronx, New York in 1994. The latin group is made up of the lead singer and featured composer Anthony Santos or known as “Romeo”. Then, there is the guitarist and producer Lenny Santos. The bassist Max Santos. And lastly, singer and composer Henry Santos. Anthony and Henry are cousins. Max and Lenny are brothers. Romeo was in his church choir when he was only 12 years old. You might be wondering what was their name before it became Aventura. Also, the recent solo singer Toby Love was once in Aventura . Well the name used to be Los Tinellers and that was when they released their first studio album called Trampa De Amor. Then in 1999, they decided to change their name to Aventura and they released their second studio album called, Generation Next. The songs from their second album

introduced the group’s style of singing in both English and Spanish. Then in 2002, the album We Broke The Rules was released.

The first hit single was from that album. The song was called Obsesion, which reached the top of different charts internationally. The album featured other hits like Todavia Me Amas, Ensename a Olvidar, and Amor De Madre. In March 2003, New York stations started promoting their third album Love and Hate after the success of Obsesion, by leaking the first three singles La Pelicula, I'm Sorry, and La Guerra. None of those singles were able to hit the charts but then their fourth single called Hermanita was released in September 2004 reaching the position of 33 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. After months of promotion, Love and Hate was finally released. Aventura returned in 2005 strongly with two new singles Angelito, and Ciego de Amor. In April 2005, the album God’s Project was released, which featured their third single La Boda. The album was praised during 2005 and 2006 with the singles Ella y Yo and Un Beso. In September 2006, the single Los Infieles was released, which was featured three months later on Aventura's next album, K.O.B. Live.

The second single Mi Corazoncito became one of Aventura's most successful singles, as it reached number one on the Hot Latin Tracks. The hit El Perdedor also charted number one on various charts. Recently, the promotion for their upcoming album The Last began with the single Por Un Segundo. It reached number one on the Hot Latin Tracks in late January 2009. In addition to Por Un Segundo becoming a hit, radio stations began playing their second single, El Desprecio. The Last is stated to be released on June 9, 2009.
So stay tuned for that. Throughout the years, Aventura has been very successful and will hopefully continue to be. I personally went to one of their concerts recently and I really enjoyed it so hopefully this article will make people want to listen to their music.

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