Symbols of America

May 3, 2009
By Maureen Quern BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Maureen Quern BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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America is a country of freedom, happiness, prosperity, and opportunity. This nation is full of hope for the future and dreams of a peaceful world because of the ideas instilled into us by our Founding Fathers. This amazing country can be represented by objects that may seem trivial in our everyday lives. The first object that portrays America is a rubber band ball because this item is convenient and helpful in various activities. Each different colored band in the ball represents a person or group in America with different views and lifestyles, showing the multicultural and diverse society. Similarly, each band is necessary in order to create the ball, symbolizing the importance of the contribution of each American citizen. The sphere as a whole represents the strength and unity of the United States through the Constitution and democratic society. However, the rubber band ball is changeable, allowing some bands to leave or new ones to be added, portraying the freedom of each citizen. Another item that represents the America is a marker board. The board is smooth at first, depicting the new America founded hundreds of years ago. Also, many different colored markers are used on this board to write down new thoughts and ideas, showing how our Founding Fathers created a free nation through the Constitution. As the board ages, however, one can see that people have left their mark, representing the struggles of our country and the mark left by American heroes and leaders who helped create this strong, unified nation today.

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