May 2, 2009
I believe it was a Thursday, wait yes it must have been because Friday I couldn't even look at you, so yes it was Thursday.
We talk through text likie always but Thursday I asked to borrow your jacket because, well We had the state testing and it was cold where i had to take it and all my jackets were dirty. Because you weren't going to wear the jacket on Friday you said no and I don't know what happened but I went off at you but not because of the jacket because of Tuesday when you acted like an a** and I didn't think you cared and I was still mad at you for not caring.
Well I went off a little didn't I, I guess so. I didn't want to yell at you, believe me I truly didn't but I knew something was a wrong, no something was different you even look different too did you know that.
*Sigh* I guess when you told me that you were stressed and the reasons you gave me just weren't enough for me but you've got to understand someything and I need you to listen closely ok?, ok?, ok.
I know you, you know me, we know eachother and we both know when somethings up with eachother and so I know your not telling me the whole truth and guess what I cried that night because I knew there was more to what you were telling me and it really hurts.
Did you not see that oin Friday I didn't smile not even at Ashleya nd when I did it was so fake, fake as Santa Clause is real. I couldn't even laugh without choking on my laugh and when you came out of spanish wow did it hurt me. you came out and saw me said hi and guess what I said hi back but did you notice I dind't look at you at all, I looked at my feet and squeaked out this hi that I couldn't even hear. When I got into spanish I held in tears, I fought them back and screamed in my head but you didn't know and now I don't know what to do.
How do I talk to you without crying, how do I look at you without hot tears. I don't know but what I do know is we have to tlaka nd you need to tell me what is really wrong. I just want to know because I love youa nd you know I do your like my brother that I have always wanted because we can just tackle each other an dhurt eachother an di love it because your so fun to be around and I can't lose you life wouldn't be complete without my other 50% of my friend... Ashley is 50% of me and so are you that's why I need both of you.

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Like*Whoa!!! This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 13, 2009 at 2:43 am
this is so wonderful. i love the way you wrote it, as if you were thinking it and everything is still kind of jumbled up and you have to reread things a couple of times to make sure you got it right:)this is totally the way girls think...this is realllyy good. check out my poems <3
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