April 30, 2009
By Katie Jacunski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Katie Jacunski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Third graders are supposed to have fun, play tag and not worry about what people think. They are not supposed to choose friends over friends. Third graders have better things to do than pick over friends.

I had been friends with Tiffany* since we were two years old. We went to the same preschool and grade school. She was my best friend. In kindergarten, we would always play house, eat snacks together and run away from boys. In first grade, we had a new student Barbra.* She was nice and friendly and we became friend instantly. Barbra and Tiffany didn’t get along, so I wouldn’t do anything with them together.

One day in third grade at recess, I was playing with Barbra when Tiffany ran over and wanted to talk but away from Barbra. Tiffany asked if I wanted to be friends with her or Barbra. I didn’t know what to do; I wanted to be friends with both of them. But Tiffany said I could only pick one: her or Barbra. I wanted to be friends with them, but I couldn’t choose, so I asked the recess supervisor what I should do. She told me true friends don’t ask you to pick between friends. So I went back over to Tiffany and said I choose Barbra because she didn’t ask me to choose between her best friends.

So to this day, I’m still best friends with Barbra. Tiffany and I still talk but we aren’t as good of friends anymore. Barbra and I are still best friends because we don’t make each other pick over friends.

* Names have been changed *

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