Friday Night Lights

April 29, 2009
By Kacey Childress SILVER, Metairie, Louisiana
Kacey Childress SILVER, Metairie, Louisiana
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I rush home from school and run through the front door, flinging my book bag off in haste. Tonight is the big night for me: my first Holy Cross football game. Ever since I made the cheerleading team before my sophomore year began, I have been anticipated this night when all my hard practice would be put to the test. I would be in Tad Gormley Stadium under the bright lights cheering on the tigers. There would be hundreds of people filling up the stands, and Holy Cross boys would be front and center watching from the student section. I become nervous thinking of all of the people that will be watching. Will I remember all of the dances? What if I mess up a cheer? What am I going to do if a stunt falls? But then I remember all the hard work I have put into practicing, and I am confident that the game will go smoothly.

I jump into the shower taking only ten minutes, instead of my usual thirty. I dry off and change into shorts and a tee shirt, not yet ready to put on my brand new uniform gleaming with navy and gold. I make sure to meticulously blow dry and straighten my long, dark hair because I must look perfect. With the precision of a professional hair stylist, I pull my hair into a high ponytail and add a big, white ribbon on top. I glance in the mirror and smile at my reflection, the reflection of a high school cheerleader. Next, I apply my makeup, finishing with my new gold eye shadow, purchased for this very occasion. Finally, I put on the uniform. It’s stiff and even a little uncomfortable, but I don’t mind a bit. I now completely look the part of a Holy Cross cheerleader.

I hear a car horn beep, and I run to the white car with Candace, a senior member who I admire, sitting behind the wheel. She asks if I’m ready. And I am. I am ready to cheer at my first football game.

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