Orchestra Hall

April 29, 2009
By Emily Mertins GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Emily Mertins GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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High school, with all of its overrated cliques, is nothing more than a musical production. The hallways seem to be choreographed perfectly, with the geeks and freaks weaving in and out of the jocks and preps. Just as their musical interests fluctuate, the metal heads despise those with profanity and rap on their mind. Each group fights to conform you to their own school-based society, hoping to beat down the other when it comes to a sense of popularity. Battles are fought through the singing of hateful words, as the frail step cautiously around. Each student is a different dotted note on the staff – whole notes, half notes, quarters, and eighths. Those with the dyed hair and rings in their nose find musical battles with those possessing varsity letters and pink polos. The notes are all clashing and creating quite strife when harmonizing would create something considered euphoric. Each of us strums to the tune of his or her own guitar; separated by the Fenders, the Gibsons, and the Ephiphones. In this high school, we are all placed in different measures of four-four, three-four and six-eight with no time to spare and no welcomes to share. One group fans out a sweet melody while another clashes symbols in rage, all different in styles but the same in age. At the fingertips of each student is the choice in which to harmonize but many reject in order to protect their own kind. To invite a guitar to play with a trumpet is simply unheard of and quite a ridiculous suggestion. The lyrics here are just as unique as the rest of the cycle, with screaming and head banging, softy spunky tunes, or rap thrown lyrics strewn all about. This day and age, its become so hard to determine where one song ends and another begins. Just as one meek little song comes of its shell, another decrescendo comes to wash it away. The conductor waves his hands frantically in the air to attempt to halt the rising noise but alas, it is no use - for he is but an innocent bystander. Its overpowering at the least and more than difficult to escape the wrath of such noise pollution. However, it is the hope of the well-doers in the world that one day in the existence of this orchestra hall, the music of each the schools will create a harmonious tune.

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