History about the Nazi Liberation Camps

April 28, 2009
By Nicholas Woo BRONZE, Milpitas, California
Nicholas Woo BRONZE, Milpitas, California
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There were many things happening to the camps during World War 2 and the Holocaust. There were about 20 thousand Nazi camps established during the Holocaust. All death camps were located in Poland. Nazi camps did not just hold Jews; they also held homosexuals and other people who didn’t connect with the Germans. Nazi treated everyone in the concentration camp brutally, and they suffered greatly. Jews were killed by starvation, disease, and weather conditions. The last main concentration camp built was Mittelbau that was made by the Nazi. In the end, Mittelbau’s name proved true. Mittelbau means central construction, so it’s name was true because during the was all the prisoners there were put to work till death. The Nazis left many dead bodies in piles and unburied. When the war was coming to the end, the Germans started to retreat by staring to demolish the concentration camps and warehouses, to loose evidence. The Germans wanted to destroy the evidence because they wanted to hide the fact that the Nazis killed million of Jew and million non-Jews. Trying to cover up the evidence, the Germans started to bury bodies. Since the Germans were in rush they left many evidence for the U.S. and Allies. They left evidence like corpses, burned stuff, and just destruction everywhere. This proved that the Nazis committed mass murder. In all, the Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews and 5,000,000 non-Jews dead.

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