The Banana

April 27, 2009
By Leah Smith BRONZE, River Ridge, Louisiana
Leah Smith BRONZE, River Ridge, Louisiana
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Let me just tell you, I absolutely loathe bananas. They are by far the most disgusting things on this earth besides roaches. Well, bananas always seem to make their way to me. Even at work.

I have a normal job with normal people and semi-normal customers. Everyone is normal except me. I seem pretty normal until I start to make a mess and my clumsiness is revealed. Then that’s the downfall of it all. Granted, I can be used as a ladder to reach unattainable bottles of syrup that any person of a normal vertical measurement could not reach. There is one other positive aspect of my clumsiness. It is the ability for me to laugh at myself, which is always a blast when a customer is having a bad day. The few instances where I was completely embarrassed, beet red, and nervously laugh at myself are definitely memorable by all. The most memorable clumsy act by me was my lovely full-forced run into a locked door.

Whew that was eventful. With a café full of customers and laughing co-workers I had to make the walk of shame back behind the counter. A question many people had was, “Why was she running?” A banana is the simplest answer I can give you. Due to a banana I had a bruise on my eyebrow and crooked glasses. Now can you understand the severity of my clumsiness? I think not. Due to my irrational fear of bananas I found myself running from one old banana in a closed container with Amanda, the shift manager, chasing after me. Once she realized I was headed for the door, her pace slowed and a sense of defeat swept over her face. Little did we know that two seconds later I would be sitting on the floor at the foot of the door laughing at myself with my head in my hands and a disheveled hat and headset at my side.

Unfortunately, a bruise and crooked glasses are not all of the things that bananas and clumsiness have given me, but those tales of embarrassment are for another time at the SBUX at the corner of Jefferson and Upstream.

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