a childs cry for help

April 27, 2009
By femelis jose-mercedes BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
femelis jose-mercedes BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
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Why the hitting, and the beating, the bruises on my body, black eyes, redness on my face, scratches, and scars, broken body parts, and burns. At times people may recognize the injuries, and sure they might ask “oh my god what happened” and you say “that’s nothing I just fell down the stairs”, but the truth is you don’t want them to know, why? You afraid they might judge or they might help and you’re just not used to that. You’re not used to all the judging that will start coming your way so you don’t tell people the truth. You’re not used to all the attention of people focusing on you and actually trying to help you. I’m telling you from my own experience if you just get help and step out of that dark shadow that’s holding you back you won’t feel the way you used to.

You see a touch can turn into a hit, a hit can turn into something so serious, and something that serious can turn into something getting out of hand. Now I think you all can agree with me when I say that child abuse is getting out of hand now a days. Abuse is not healthy in a family even in a friendship because abuse can tear both a friendship and family apart.


How can it tear a family apart? Family sticks together no matter what right? But you see in a situation like this there’s the victim and the abuser. The victim is not the only one being hurt, but the abuser is as well the reason this is true is because sometimes the abuser after he/she is done abusing the victim the abuser might feel hatred in his or herself for what he/she did to the victim but then they might feel regret and sorry for what he/she did. Then the abuser might promise to never do it again but then they might slip and mess up.

This situation affects a friend because what if your friend knows what is going on in your house hold and they are trying to help you out but you won’t let them. They are just sad to see you suffer like this. Your friends are affected and hurt as well because they feel that you shouldn’t be going through whatever it is your going through and you shouldn’t be treated like this either.

What do you think of when you hear the word abuse anyways? Maybe hitting people crying or screaming beating and whipping or maybe even killing comes to mind. That’s all right but what some people don’t know is that abuse is not all about physical beings but It’s also about verbal abuse as well. Some people might say what is verbal abuse? How is it affecting us? And why does it even happen? Those are all questions that are about to be answered.

Verbal abuse

Your cursing and screaming, arguing, and crying, and things get out of hand you try to fix the situation or whatever it is that went wrong and the abuser starts to say nasty thing to you like your ugly or stupid or a hoe ect. And you start to feel hurt your eyes are tearing up your face is turning red your feeling are being hurt, and that all what verbal abuse is about.

Physical abuse

In a situation where the victim is being physically abused I think its worst then being verbally abused because in this case the victim is being physically hurt like beat at hit at or anything else that involves the victim being touched or harmed in any way. The common injuries you would most likely find on a victims body are probably black eyes, bruises, scratches, or broken bones like an arm or leg or maybe even the neck at times. You will find that 1 out of 3 kids are being physically abused everyday. But sadly some get help and the rest die by being beat to death.

You know how some people say that the child is the innocent one because the victim has no reason to be beat at and that the child didn’t do anything to deserve such a cruel punishment….well that’s right sometimes. Want to know why?

The abuser

Sometimes I think about alcohol and drugs bills rent and stress. Sometimes I think that’s the reason why there’s child abuse in the world but other times I think that the abuser just abuses for no reason just because he/she feels that they are above the person they feel powerful and feel they can do whatever they want because they are the parent. Alcohol is a very powerful drink as well but then after the person has been drinking for awhile the alcohol takes control over the person and makes the person do stupid things like abusing.

The victim

Sad, depressed scared confused and don’t know what to do. Sitting somewhere wondering if they should go back home, wondering should you tell someone because you cant take it or just keep going through what it is you are going through the victim might feel sad to have parents that are abusers. Depressed and confused because they don’t know what to do, whether to tell someone or get help or to just to being in that awful situation. Scared because they know they have to go home to a place where it feels like hell where you know and feel that you parents don’t only want you but don’t love you.

Enough is enough!

Walking in circles, wandering the schools halls, talking to your friends pretending that nothing is wrong when really something is bothering you. Pretending you feel good when really you just want to do is let it out and just cry. Well go ahead scream, yell, shout, cry, do it all then you tell someone, someone you know wont judge you, will help you, will stand by your side until your through with your problems. They wont judge, wont laugh, wont tease, but will help.

Get help!

The help won’t just come to you, you have to tell someone NOW! Get help. It’s not a pleasant feeling to have to go home thinking your own family doesn’t want you and you know don’t love you. But no, no no no, there’s a solution to this problem, get help, talk to someone.

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i have a good expierience with writing i have wriiten many stories and poems and now this article i think that i would make a good writer some day even though i want to be a great pediatrtion i think that your magazine would love my article.

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