Pathway of Passion

April 24, 2009
By Benjamin Johnston SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Benjamin Johnston SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Words have the power to pave our journey towards edification. Through writing, our subconscious and lucidity can converge into a blast of illumination that has the ability to change the world. When fate unearths who we are on the inside, we must unite to change who we are to others. Learning to convey how we feel grants us the ability to eternalize our brief time in the universe.
As a teenager, emotional instability affects every aspect of my being, but writing has always centered me. Phrases and beliefs flow through me like a swelling symphony of emotions. When the unpredictability of life overwhelms my heart, thoughts cascade my mind and clash with who I am, a pen and paper become my pathway to contentment.
The work of the authors who have graced the pages of history from Thoreau to Steinbeck left a legacy of dissatisfaction. They transformed an altered humanity by fearlessly exposing their vulnerability and perception of life. Immortalized through their meditations of existence, their work endures to remind us of our potential and motivates us to bleed our sensitivity to the world.
When hardship is inevitable and morality difficult to maintain, writing gives me the hope to progress in truth. Throughout my short lifetime, I have faced much adversity, and I have suffered great loss. Preserving a faith in the righteousness of life is sometimes harder than life itself. However, exposing my vitality on paper becomes my passage of enlightenment.
The single outlet for the exploration of my soul has always been writing. Expressing my inner sentiment through words has always been my way of defining my place in humanity, and it will forever remain the most effective. When passion consumes me, writing completes me and becomes the legacy I will leave behind for the world. How about you?

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