In 10 Yeears

April 24, 2009
By Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
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It really is not hard for me to picture what my life would be like in ten years, or who I will be in ten years, or even what ill be doing in ten years. Do you know why it is not hard for me? Well in case you don’t know it is because I know what I want my life to be like. And what I want my life to be like is; me with a wife and maybe one or two kids. A really big house, and at least two cars, a car and a truck.

What will I be doing as a career to earn all this money you may ask. Well actually I would love to take a passionate career in writing, and poetry, and maybe even writing books. Because I have always loved to write. Well write what’s on my mind anyway. So I guess that’s were I see myself in ten years; working hard and doing what I do best; speaking my mind through words.

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on May. 5 2009 at 12:17 pm
theoobleck GOLD, Auburndale, Florida
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Other than some things you spelt wrong, this is good, very thoughfull.


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