The Countdown

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

ONLY TEN TILL THE END. The pink paper soon to be attached to my senior sweater signifies the official beginning of the senior countdown. As I carefully color between the lines, I reminisce about the past five years I have spent at my high school. I started Mount Carmel Academy in August 2004, eager to make all new friends and break old bonds, as I was never one to be sentimental. LEAVING YOU BEHIND IN NINE. After a year of being pushed into lockers and cut in the lunch line, I was upgraded to a not-so-new freshman. Having just a week to learn the new names and faces that joined our class, the unthinkable happened. Hurricane Katrina. CELEBRATE WE ONLY HAVE EIGHT. Basically, you can say my life was changed forever. Attending four high schools between August 2005 and May 2006, I realized that my home was truly at Mt. Carmel. From then on, I have become extremely sentimental and attached to my home. THANK HEAVEN WE ONLY HAVE SEVEN. Sophomore year, stuck in the middle with all of my hard work going unnoticed and the same old Spirit Days, Gym Days, school activities, etc. ONLY SIX TILL WE’RE COLLEGE CHICKS. Junior year seemed to be a whole new experience; as an official upperclassman, I was nearly at the top of the school. Second best to the seniors of ’08, I could not wait to rush through the year. WE WILL SURVIVE THE LAST FIVE. Finally, my classmates and I inherit the much anticipated and long-awaited senior rings and senior sweaters. These accessories alone deemed us the coolest and most powerful girls in school. JUST FOUR TILL WE’RE OUT THE DOOR. This year has been everything I had hoped for. Senior year of high school truly is the best, except for the dreaded senioritis. Between senior privileges and prom, who wouldn’t want to be a senior forever! However, it is quickly coming to an end. YOU WILL SEE US FINISH IN THREE. Having started my senior year thinking I could not wait to get to college, I realize now that I feel the complete opposite. As I walk through the halls these last few days, I study the faces of the people whom I may never see again. I notice the little things about school and how they make me feel so safe and comforted. WE’RE THROUGH IN JUST TWO. I am willing to admit that I am scared of what college will be like; it will certainly be a new experience for me to attend a public school. I almost wish I could slow down senior year, maybe even rewind. CLASS OF ’09 IS DONE IN ONE. I will work up my courage to leave my safety net. I will cherish these last few days of high school. I will do my best to leave lasting impressions on my classmates. I will say goodbye to my favorite teachers. I will thank the people who have helped me the last five years. I will take plenty of pictures to keep these memories forever. I will put on my cap and gown, walk ahead, and receive my diploma. There is no turning back. WE’RE THE HEROES, WE MADE IT TO ZERO.

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