April 22, 2009
By speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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After a long day at school, I go into my room. Already the stress of the day has been relieved. Soon I will fade away into my own personal paradise. I advance towards to my stereo and turn up the music as loud as it will go. Instantly, there is nothing on my mind. There is a way that the beat flows and the melody sounds that sedates me. I wonder if this is how the artist intended the listener to feel; as if they were singing to only that person. The words sink into my head, permanently imprinted. It as if the world has stopped, leaving me the only one in motion. Suddenly the words stop and the beat dies down, and all too fast, I am awoken as reality begins again. But maybe I could listen to just one more....

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