That's Tennessee

April 22, 2009
By speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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All the rush of a big city and all the peace of a small town. That’s Tennessee. In one minute you can be downtown with all the noise. Cars speeding past, just blurs. And in the next you can be riding with the windows down, just admiring the country. That’s Tennessee.

Music is everywhere. On each street corner there is a person, guitar in hand, just trying to make the cut. Collecting whatever money people will spare. Sometimes people can be generous. Sometimes they aren’t. That’s Tennessee.

At times it feels like the worst place on Earth. It feels so restricting and I feel so bound like a bird trapped within its cage. It can see what it wants, yet is still stuck behind the steel bars. I am that bird. But if I was released, where would I go? I know so little about the rest of the world. But that’s okay. Just give me a map and I’ll start to fly. And when I get to where I’m going, people will ask where I am coming from. And I will tell them I’m from the most sublime place ever. They will ask, “ Oh! Where’s that?” And I’ll answer, “ That’s Tennessee.”

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