Just Because

April 22, 2009
By speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Everyone denies it for so long. But deep down, they’ve always known. From the moment their eyes met, their hands intertwined, their lips touched, they’ve known. They wait to say it because you aren’t supposed to fall right away, it happens over time. Or so they think. I think they are so scared of rejection and being hurt that they guard their hearts.

I feel bad for them because they can never feel the way I do. I’m certain of it. They can never feel the skip of my heartbeat or the catch of my breath when he walks in. How in every conversation, within every word, is the essence of love. Without even being spoken, it is there. There are times when I stop and smile, just because..... Because he is mine. Because I am his. Because I don’t want to live any other way. Because I can’t even if I try.

He’s the one I would do anything for and be anyone he wanted. But he tells me it’s me he wants and nothing else. Nobody else. He’s the one that makes everything confusing, yet everything make sense. He’s the one that is always there to catch me, but never causes the fall. He’s the one that will be there when everyone else has turned their backs. He’s the one that I love. And the one that loves me.

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