The Day I'll Never Forget

April 22, 2009
By Octavia Gory BRONZE, Pacolet, South Carolina
Octavia Gory BRONZE, Pacolet, South Carolina
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“Let me tell you what happened to me this morning,” Keyshia said to me when she walked through the door. She didn’t even give me time to say what.
“Girl, I was walking through Wal-Mart and guess who I saw…. Jalen.”
All of a sudden a smile came across my face. Jalen was my first love and we had been texting and talking on the phone since he moved away about 3 months ago to Charlotte. But him coming down was never mentioned. We decided to be friends because we thought we were moving the relationship too fast but we never dated any other people. So we were basically together. I decided to call him to see was the rumor true about what my sister said but he didn’t answer his phone. That wasn’t usual. Every time I call, he answers on the first or second ring, but this time he didn’t. I got really worried something was wrong. I called another five times and still no answers so I called his mama and she didn’t answer either.
His sister also didn’t answer. By this time I am panicking like crazy. Were they hurt? Has someone kidnapped them? Has someone died? I was about to cry, I was scared out my mind of he was gone. But my sister tried to cheer me up by taking me to the mall in Gaffney.
Now I’m not the type to turn down free clothes so I went but it made me think of him more. I remember how we use to walk through the mall and buy each other stuff and hold hands. A few tears dropped when I walked past Rue 21, the only store he bought my clothes from. Then my sister got a phone call from a strange number. Then her smile went into the frown when she looked at me. I sat on the bench and cried harder. I just knew something bad had happened. We left the store and went to the car. I was crying so hard I couldn’t drive home. My sister said she had to go by some building to pick up a package.
When she arrived, I decided to stay in the car because I saw a lot of cars in the back. I put my head down on the dashboard for five minutes and I heard a knock on my window. I looked up slowly. To my surprise it was Jalen with some roses. A big smile came upon my face. It stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. I got out the car and fell into his arms, I was extremely happy.
We walked into the building it everyone was there. Jalen turned and looked at me and said, “You thought I wasn’t gone come and see you for your birthday?”
I was so depressed from earlier that I didn’t know it was my birthday. I didn’t want to let his hand go. All my family and most of my friends were there. It was like a burden off of my shoulder. I didn’t want him to leave me for no one. It was like we were combine twins we set there and told him about how my day had been, and he told me that I must have some deep feelings for him because of the way I acted.
We were just sitting there quite for like ten minutes then I decided to take random pictures of us. They were crazy I took one that looked like I was break dancing on the floor and we took one where were we both laid down and our heads were together. The day seem like it was forever but I didn’t want him to go. So we begged our parents to let him stay the night. Didn’t happen but it was worth the try, our parents to strict for that.
So we left my own party early so we could be in the quite. We went to the park and walked on the nature trail and the beauty of the trees and the wonderful tune the birds sung made it a special walk. We talked about everything from basketball to what type of car we want for graduation. After the trail we still had an hour till dark so we decided to play one on one to see who the better one was. Of course I won but to this day he is denying it. He says, “I was being a gentleman to let you win” or “I was just joking around” but yet he was popping more sweat then me.
Then the time had come. He had to go to work. I didn’t want him to leave and he didn’t want to go. We set there and hugged for a long time but it didn’t seem like it was long enough. I got home that night and all I could really think of is how we spent the whole day together and had fun with only the two of us.

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