Field of Screams

April 21, 2009
By Tessa Medvidovich BRONZE, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Tessa Medvidovich BRONZE, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever heard of “Field of Screams”? It’s one of the scariest places I’ve been to. There’s two haunted houses and a haunted hayride. I’ve went to “Field of Screams” twice. The second time wasn’t as bad as the first.

The first time I went was three years ago. I went with my stepsister, Carly, her boyfriend, Jared, and their friends, Emily and Zach. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t sit still in the car.

Once we parked and got out of the car we could hear the song “Sweet Home Alabama” playing. The bigger haunted house, you got 3-D glasses when you went in. We went in that house first.

This is the order we were supposed to be in, in the house; Carly first, then Jared right behind her, me behind Jared (so I wouldn’t get too scared), then Emily and Zach behind me. Well, that didn’t last very long. Right when we got inside the house, some how I was nowhere near Carly and Jared! The people in clown suits kept getting in my face. I’m terrified of clowns!

I started crying and screamed at the top of my lungs, “Jared! Jared!”

Carly and Jared stopped walking to look for me. I ran up to them and Jared put his arm around me. The rest of the time Jared covered my eyes so I couldn’t see anything.

I was so happy when we finally got out. I felt like I couldn’t breathe in there! The cold air burned my throat, but I didn’t care.

“Who wants to go on the hayride, now?” Carly asked.

I glared at her and she started laughing. Maybe it won’t be as scary as the haunted house. At least I’ll get to sit down.

We got in line for the hayride. A guy in a Michael Meyers from “Halloween” costume came up to us. He was holding a knife like in the Halloween movies. My heart started beating fast and I almost started hyperventilating!

The hayride wasn’t as bad as the house. Some parts were actually funny! One part was this crazy guy and he was pulling out his own hair. But when we got to the first tunnel “Sweet Home Alabama” started playing. There was a fake pig hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel. A guy with a pig mask on walked around the tunnel and got in people’s faces. I thought I was going to cry…again!

I was relieved again once we got off. This time we waited a little to go in the last house. We got French fries and drinks.

The last house wasn’t any better than the first. In the second room of the house, a guy on stilts cornered me! I stood in the back corner of that room frozen. I couldn’t move at all! Jared had to grab my arm and pull me along with him. Everybody in the house attacked me! At the very end of the house, there was a checkered room with strobe lights. Emily and I went in together and she hid behind me! She kept pushing me into the guy, using me as a shield or something. Finally, we got to the other side of the room and ran out of the house screaming.

The second time I went to “Field of Screams”, I went with my two best friends, Taylor and Heidi. We just went on the hayride because all of us refused to go into any of the houses.

Taylor’s parents took us. It was funny because on the way there, Heidi, Taylor, and I kept making faces at the people in the car behind us. Heidi kept twitching and I kept shaking her, while Taylor kept sticking out her tongue. We have no idea if they saw us.

“It would be funny if they were going to ‘Field of Screams’.” Heidi said.

“It would be funny if we know them!” I added.

We got to “Field of Screams” and the car that was behind us parked right beside us. The people got out of the car and it was our one friends, Brett, and his sister, Jenna!

“It’s Brett!” I said.

We started walking away from the car with our hoods up. We could hear people screaming and the song “Sweet Home Alabama” playing! I stopped walking and said, “Oh, no.”

“What?” Taylor and Heidi asked at the same time.

“The song, it’s like one of the scariest parts of the hayride.” I told them.

When we got to the hayride I sat next to Taylor’s parents and Heidi sat between me and Taylor. The first guy that tried to scare us was wearing a clown mask! I started shaking right away. A guy with a mask on came up to us and started pulling Taylor by the ankles! We started screaming and Taylor kicked her legs. The guy let go of her and looked at me and Heidi. Heidi was sitting on her legs, so the guy grabbed mine instead! When he was pulling my legs, my shoe started coming off and I yelled, “My shoe!”

Then the pig part came. The guy with the pig mask was hovering over us the whole time! I can never listen to the song “Sweet Home Alabama” because I always picture the guy’s face.

At the last tunnel, it was probably the worst. The wagon got in the tunnel (that was actually a barn) and the doors closed. It was pitch black, then strobe lights came on. Guys with chainsaws ran around the wagon hitting people in the legs with the chainsaws. But obviously there weren’t any chains on them. When the doors started opening, Taylor yells, “Open the doors!”

The doors closed again and the chainsaw guys came back! Taylor’s parents were laughing at us the whole hayride.

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