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April 20, 2009
By Brittany richards BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Brittany richards BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“I grew up in a small community in St. Mary, Jamaica “. My mother Shernette always told my siblings and I . She told us about the music she enjoyed listening to as she was growing up . “I like my culture mix tapes and the old time sweet reggae. You guys listen to dance hall nowadays, but its not what reggae was back in my days.” Growing up on Bob Marley ,and Cutty Ranks she loved those artists unique style of presentation. Although the Jamaican culture has changed from what it was back in the days to now, her culture is present every time she utters a word and her “Irie” accent flows from her lips. “What are you saying to me sir, if I apply to be an American citizen then I’m no longer a Jamaican.” “No miss you’ll just have a given amount of time in which you have to report back to America ,which supposedly is your place of residence.” Working all of her life as a nurse, night shifts in Victoria Jubilee hospital in Kingston, her dreams finally came through but it wasn’t what she expected. Losing her mother during her young adult stage she was left to find the warrior with in her. Being the oldest of 11 children working was her way out of poverty. Many thought that she would turn into a street walker ,and make nothing much of herself. Despising the way in which the society of her culture was ran, she was persistent and kept striving for the best. At times she locked her self away letting her emotions get the best of her because she missed her mother dearly. She found God as her place and source of refuge during her time of distress. She occasionally took trips on her VISA, the embarrassment was evident every time she spoke. Due to her strong accent from time to time she mixed up words. Those who weren’t used to her accent would stare in awe of trying to comprehend what she was trying to say. After years and years of patiently waiting her papers were getting through little by little. When she walked through the doors of the home land security (immigration) office for the first time the shocking truth hit her. She realized that what she known for all her life would suddenly be taken away at the mere request of applying for her citizenship. As the immigration officer spoke he made sure it was clear to his client that if she was to become an American citizen her “privileges” as a Jamaican would be some what different. He explained that when she visited Jamaica then she would heave a certain amount of days to return back to the “States”. As she remembered something her mother always used to say(“ Life is not a bed of roses, you have to make decisions sometimes for others ,never be selfish always lend a helping hand because one day you will need some one to stretch a helping hand out towards you.”)Not wanting to give up her “Home” she sacrificed her feelings and pushed her emotions aside to help her family. A few months after she applied she went down to get squared in and she received her U.S. Citizenship. Feeling mix emotions about her decisions she was glad to make a beneficial sacrifice for her family. “Living my life with no regrets, I send a barrel down for my family every couple of months. I live in a beautiful house with a beautiful family. God has blessed me with more than I can ever want for. I’ve made sacrifices in which a lot have said no to. In the end I’m happy for God has really been showing himself mighty and awesome.” Just so I know that through the years I have learned 2 be some 1 who is understanding

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