Do You Ever Get The Feeling...(A fashion persepective on life)

April 19, 2009
By cntstpswmn BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
cntstpswmn BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
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Have you ever liked some guy so much that it felt that he was really yours? It’s so weird, but then he does something that you really don't like and you get tired of that fantasy. He's old news like the Hadden P. by Dooney and Burke.
Or just thinking about how perfect some friend is that you have, and how the guy you really like (who is also your best friend) always goes for her. Even though, you’re just as cool and nearly as beautiful. With the exception of your beauty products people mistake you as sisters. So why do you always get the feeling that everything she does is better when you and she are around some seriously hot guys?
When some guy you know and think is pretty cool tells people that he's going to ask you out is it weird to burst into hysteric laughter? I've done that... and trust me it makes you look just as funny as the leather leggings your mom wore in the 80's. Even if he isn't the most attractive but you like him just the slightest bit... laughing is not an option.
For some reason I get the feeling that spandex are back in, even though the leopard patterned tights that I wore the other day aren’t. Doing something silly is always a good way for your friends to see that you aren’t always uptight about school. They respect (hopefully) that you just want to have a good day even though your closet is screaming because you took those tights out of the other hundred pair you have.
I’m classified as an over- achieving book nerd that is athletic enough to beat a gazelle in a sprint. Of course, I’m fast but there are plenty of girls that are better on my Cross-Country team. The book nerd part comes into play with the “being cultured” thing that I have going on. I love to read (maybe because my mom is a librarian) but I have to read what I want to, to be happy. Romeo and Juliet are 200 years above William Shakespeare, so why would he write about them? Maybe because most people find the people older than them are more interesting; so think of Chanel, she was wonderful with the simple black dress, and Audrey Hepburn was the first person that people really thought could pull that dress off.
Not everyone is stunning to the point that they are Vera Wang or some other beautiful person, but everyone is gorgeous in their own unique way. Guys are handsome…but girls are beautiful…I like how that sounds, we girls sound just plain better than guys. Take everything that everyone says about themselves and either make it work, or make it funny.
Loving life is just like loving the croissants they serve for breakfast in Paris. They are amazingly delicious just like the lives that we all live. We all act as though things couldn’t get any worse on some days, but then we go out at night and sit on the roof looking at the stars and find that it was a pretty good day because it all led to sitting there. It reminds most of the days when others can’t do something like this; just sitting somewhere on the roof isn’t really an option in some places so we should all be thankful. Do you get that feeling ever?
There is absolutely no need for being hateful to someone when all they said was that they liked your new Longchamp bag. Its okay do joke around when you are with your friends or classmates as long as they all know that you are just kidding. Of course, throwing a huge scene in the hall over some girls’ bag that you know you had first sounds stupid, but trust me I’ve seen it happen.
Okay so we girls have some issues on occasion but that doesn’t mean that any of us are too weird, funny, beautiful, loud, or just plain normal. It matters that we be ourselves and occasionally put ourselves out there just enough to be heard. Think of everything as an analogy or as something you’ve seen in one of your chick magazines, because we all need to find a little bit of humor in everything. Everything you do can be put into perspective no matter what it is. You just have to think about it. So whenever you get the feeling that you aren’t good enough or just can’t seem to make it through the day… don’t because it is certainly not worth it. You can almost always fix what you’ve done and know that your friends and family will always be next to you in situations that have you in a twist (especially when it comes to fashion).

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