Writer's Block

April 19, 2009
By McKenzie Martinez SILVER, Denver, Colorado
McKenzie Martinez SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Writer’s block! It comes and goes unexpectedly. It swoops in from nowhere and vanishes without a trace. There are no warning signs. You’re in the middle of a writing trance when all of the sudden, you have no idea what should come next. I hate writer’s block! It is such a pain. You have to spend minutes, hours, days, or even weeks just thinking! Think of all the progress you could be making if you were actually writing! It’s especially horrible when you’re writing for a school assignment. You’re put under pressure to have a masterpiece done in a couple of days and yet you can’t even think of a topic to write about. What are you supposed to do then? You think and think while hoping a great idea will pop into your head any second and eventually you’re resigned to the fact that none will and you’re forced to turn in some piece of crap you scribbled down the night before. Writer’s block takes up so much of your time! But then, miraculously, the block vanishes and your pen is able to soar across the page or your fingers across the keyboard. As soon as it appeared, it’s gone. You’re suddenly back in your trance and your imagination is wild once more. It is free of the cage the block enclosed it in. It is free of the shackles that bound it and held it in. And it is free to roam wherever it wants to. It’s free to create new people, places, animals, species, worlds, universes, ideas, feelings, colors… It’s free to create anything it wants.

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