Hold Me Close

April 17, 2009
By Courtney Lamberth BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
Courtney Lamberth BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
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The foot steps of a fourteen year-old girl echoes throughout the hall has she walked away from the bathroom. Her stomach hurt terribly. It was the normal pain though. Shana knew how to deal with the pain, she’d been having the pain for six years now. So she was pretty use to taking care of herself.
Shana felt a pang hit her stomach again. She just had to sit down. She got her drink and sat down by the nearest table. She looked over and saw a little southern girl with short brown hair with a pixie face staring at her with a smile. Her stomach hurt again, it wasn’t fair that she always had to feel like this. She remembered when she felt like this at volleyball. It was terrible but she didn’t want to give up, so she kept playing. Of course she hurt. But she worked hard, just because she didn’t want to give up. She saw that her mom got her own food. So she walked over seeing if she had her food yet. She wanted some French fries, they where small, maybe her stomach could handle those. Her dad had a bag, so she walked over there. He started to hand her food, but her stomach hurt so bad she winced and said, “I don’t want it right now.” He got angry. Slammed the food down back into the bag. She winced thinking, “God, please, not again.” She turned around when he got the rest of the food. She then felt a finger jab into her back. It hurt fiercely. She turned around to see her father say, “Go out to the car.” Angrily. She walked outside with the finger mark leaving another scar on her heart. She couldn’t cry. He’ll get what he deserves where ever he goes later. She thought. She turned around to see her father fallowing her looking very angry. Then he grabbed her French fries and said, “Here’s your French fries,” And chunks them all over the ground. Shana felt the tears welling up in her eyes. She quickly opened the car door. Sits down, and the tears start to flow. She covered her face with her hands so the tears won’t show. And when he slammed the door. She felt a fresh patch of tears come on. Her mom and older brother got into the car, mom asking, “What’s wrong?” “I’m tired of this smart mouthed girl! And her dirty looks.” Shana then thought repeating it over, “I hate you I hate you!“ Her mother then saying, “What did she do now?” Shana looked up at the people who gave her birth., she then thought, “I mustn’t talk. Mother will not believe what I have to say. She’ll just believe father.” They talked on and on about her, has she talked to God, “When was the last time I ever heard my father say, I love you, when was the last time he looked at me lovingly. God, why do I hurt so much? Is this a test? I know you have plans for me. So I’ll go through whatever you want. I’ll forgive everyone, no matter what they do. So please give me the courage to turn the other cheek. You’re my only father. So please hold me when I’m scared, hold me when I’m tired, hold me when I’m sad and crying. I know you’ll always love me no matter how many times I doubt you, or get angry at you. You can read my mind. And know what I’m really feeling. Hold me tight, and never let me go.” Shana looked out the window. She saw a sign saying how far away her home town was. She then whispered in her mind. “two hundred miles away from the house I sleep and eat at. Three days until my birth father goes to work. Four years until I go off to college. Everyday to honor God.” She opened her eyes and smiled.

The author's comments:
This piece was made to let people who've felt like this, know that everythings ok! Your not alone! Other people actually feel like this! It is kind of a sad piece though. What imspired me to write the piece, well, I don't truthfully know. I just felt lead to write it! Hopefully It will help someone! And I hope it lets everyone know that the sun will shine again! Please enjoy the piece.

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