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April 16, 2009
By girlofchrist GOLD, Newport News, Virginia
girlofchrist GOLD, Newport News, Virginia
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“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.” (Conrad Hilton). I agree with this statement to the fullest extent because I have made a great deal of mistakes, but it took perseverance to accomplish the goals that I have reached today. I have persevered in many different ways dealing with academics and daily life and this is my time to bless others with my many achievements.
In November of last year I achieved one of my proudest academic accomplish-ments. I won first place in my category at the CMS science fair located at my school. It was my first time, and I was up against eighth grade students as well. I worked feverously on my PowerPoint presentation. My first step was to do research on my subject, evolution, by reading books and going online. Once that was finished, I created my research plan, wrote my procedure, and conducted my experiment. After that I put together my PowerPoint using Microsoft PowerPoint, wrote my abstract, and hoped for the very best. On the day of the fair I was advised to dress professionally and required to present my experiment in a professional manner. By rising up and going beyond these expectations I earned a first place trophy in my category for my presentation. It does pay off to give your all, but you should do your best in other activities as well, such as extracurricular programs.

When most people hear the word “extracurricular” they immediately picture serving food at a soup kitchen for the homeless, but that is not always what authority figures mean by “extracurricular.” An extracurricular activity could be anything from singing in the chorus to going to help the church. I have learned the true reason for extracurricular activities while I was participating in them. I am in many activities such as chorus, AVID, yearbook, WCMS Morning Show, Battle of the Books, advanced chorus, and more. While engaging in advanced chorus I realized that it is not just about having fun. We are not called advanced just because we can sing. We are called that because we work together in a mature way. We do not bicker when we have a dispute. We settle it in a way where everyone’s happy. We are also selected as the advanced as the advanced chorus because we have found the balance between what you enjoy and what is required of you. As you look at college applications you see that extra curricular activities are a big part of their criteria. That is because colleges are looking for people that can balance their daily life with school and still be an over achiever. I feel that I have learned what this truly means and how to accomplish it, as well.

As I said above, extracurricular programs are all about the balance. I feel that is one of the ways that I am a valuable leader and citizen in the community. When you are able to give your all to many different activities and programs and still stay faithful to your academics you have the potential of a leader. I am in numerous programs that I am exceptional and invincible in. Though I am involved in many programs I still maintained an A-average in all of my classes, including my two high school courses. I have persevered as well. As an only child living with her mother I have experienced many things. I have been exposed to being homeless, taking care of my mother during her seizures, and having them myself. Even through all of these trials and struggles I have made sure that I kept my head up and persevered through it all. I feel that a true citizen and leader is someone that can balance their life and persevere through hard times. I feel that this statement describes me.

As I stated earlier, I agree fully with Conrad Hilton because without action no one could achieve anything. It is with action, perseverance, and balance that we are able to reach our many achievements. I have reached my many achievements and it was with the help of these three elements. I now hope that it will help me reach this achievement as well.

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay to enter it into a contest sponsored by McDonald's. I won one of the prizes and it was worth $250.

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